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article imageFar Right Preacher Pat Robertson Makes Dramatic Turn Left

By Carol Forsloff     Mar 14, 2009 in Politics
Pat Robertson makes proclamations, and a certain world of Christians used to turn on them. He has preached the evangelist message, but now has taken up Obama's cause. He says the U.S. will embrace socialism and live happily ever after under Obama.
Well, this is good news we might all say for Robertson to say all might be right after all with Obama. But is this a double-edged sword? In other words, is Robertson telling people that Obama is a socialist, a claim that is made by the right? Or has he just caved and mistakenly said whatever happens we'll go with the star power. Because perhaps that star power of Obama might shine right on where Pat Robertson sits and preaches to the 700 Club.
Pat Robertson, erstwhile Presidential candidate himself at one time, ever so often makes news.
He has joined the chorus of wishing Obama to succeed after Rush Limbaugh wished the new President would fail. Rev. Robertson hasn't apologized either; he gave his point of view and keeps dashing along on his television show, smiling that smile that has made the 700 Club last for so many years. In fact Robertson denounced Limbaugh for hoping Obama would fail. In fact Robertson speaks passionately about this as he declared: "That was a terrible thing to say," Robertson responded. "I mean, he's the president of all the country. If he succeeds, the country succeeds. And if he doesn't, it hurts us all. Anybody who would pull against our president is not exactly thinking rationally."
Robertson made his beginning of the year predictions in January, with the update on his feelings last week about wanting Obama to succeed. Indeed in this year's predictions Robertson said through prayer he has learned that not only will President-elect Obama bring socialism to the country, but that will be quite all right with the country and the Lord, as Robertson declared: "Nothing will stand in the way of a plan by Obama to restructure the economy in the same fashion as the New Deal in the '30s," he said. "Cast off the gloom and the doom because things are getting ready to turn around."
One more change and alliance from the Christian evangelist community at a time when Obama and the rest of the country likely welcome that move has come from someone who ordinarily has been associated with the right and now has voiced his support of the new President. This is likely a good thing for those who were worried that by following Obama they might be losing God's love in the process.
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