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article imageOp-Ed: Gay Advocates Brave on Prop 8, Cowards on Iran's Gay Holocaust

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 11, 2009 in Politics
It's so much easier to pick on the kid everyone hates than the violent bullies doing all the real damage. Gay rights advocates could not be more vocal against the Mormons. And they could not be more silent on Iran's gay Holocaust. Even Penn and Black.
It's been quite the campaign by gay Americans against the Mormons and Proposition 8 proponents in California. Enraged mobs in the streets, boycotts, blacklists, you name it.
The icing on the cake was Dustin Lance Black's and Sean Penn's tearful acceptance speeches, in which Sean Penn said the following:
"I think it is a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect, and anticipate their great shame and the shame in their grandchildren’s eyes if they continue that way of support. We’ve got to have equal rights for everyone."
Everyone? Nice admirable words, Dustin and Sean. Really got to me. But where's the backup? Rights for everyone, guys? What about Iran's murderous anti-gay pogrom (which the Iranians are now exporting to Iraq, by the way), in which they hang gays from crane wires to please God?
What about all the Iranian gays who are being tortured without mercy, before being hung up from those same cranes to die slow excruciating deaths by strangulation that can take up to AN HOUR to kill! All I hear is crickets! What about the shame in YOUR grandchildren's eyes when they look back on the horrors of life for homosexuals in present-day Iran, and see that you did NOTHING! Huh, Sean?
But that's OK. Sean knows who the real torturers and enemies to peace, justice and freedom are in this world: US! Although Mr. Penn DID visit Tehran, the epicenter of today's Auschwitz for Gays, back in 2005. No mention in his flowery Mad Mullah PR dispatch of the anti-gay pogrom going on there as he wrote it from his gilded cage in Tehran.
But here is one juicy passage that illustrates Mr. Penn's ignorance beyond comprehension of what is really going on in the world, particularly with regard to the Mad Mullahs of Iran:
"He goaded the crowd to join the chanting calls for "Death to Israel!", "Death to America!" Ten thousand strong of voice. I was struck by the familiar: a cleric guiding his followers in their politics, and toward particular candidates away from others.
"It has been my observation that this kind of invective speech is common, not only in Iran but in the Arab states as well. According to many with whom I spoke, it had always been clear from the Iranian point of view, that the call is related to American foreign policy and does not intend to target the death of the American people."
Oh really, Sean? How about some of the DEATH TO AMERICA AND ISRAEL 'policies' Iran and their terrorist proxies in Hezbollah carried out HERE? Looks like real targeting for death on a massive scale to me! Not hearing much else from Mr. Dustin Lance Black on this subject either. In fact, I'm hearing nothing at all. Except crickets, that is.
Here's a Google search with his name and 'Iran'. You can go page after page and not find ONE condemnation of the hell of life and brutal death for gays in Iran. Is that how it is, Mr. Black? Rights for Me and not for Thee? Sure looks that way! And gay rights groups and advocates in America are just as dead silent on Iran's gay Holocaust as Penn and Black are. Plenty to say about Prop 8 and the Evil Mormons, though!
Here's one of the biggest Prop 8 boycott sites on the web, Kind of like a gay Variety Magazine. It's simply FAAABULOUS! Has TONS of blacklisted individuals and businesses that were pro-Prop 8 and plenty of outrage. A search of the site yielded none for Iran, though I did find this link to a MAXIM page there, the header of which reads: "Iran is FAAABULOUS! We found conclusive evidence that Iran does, in fact, have homosexuals."
A lot fewer today than yesterday I'll bet, Sweetie! And just make sure you don't try to hit on them online, Ellie. The goons are watching. The Blackshirts in Iran entrap gays online there like our police do child molesters. And then they torture the gays they catch to extract the names of OTHER gays so they can have even MORE torturing fun!
How FAAABULOUS is THAT, Ellie? See that's the difference between gays in America and gays in Iran. In America, the gays all hang together. In Iran, they all hang separately.
So, let's move on to the blacklist sites to see who's getting the gay rage-fueled Prop 8-based McCarthy treatment in California. Here's a rather vitriolic blacklist site called Boycott index included. The Internet domains for and are, however, curiously still available.
The hypocrisy of all this stinks to high Hell, people! In America, gays have every possible right BUT marriage! And they even have that in Massachusetts now! In Iran, just being gay and getting caught by their Islamist Gestapo blood-drinking stooges brings on mind-numbing torturous horrors. And when they're done having their fun THAT way, a most painful and excruciatingly slow death by crane wire.
Crickets. And they're the ones who should be the loudest here! Not conservatives like me, whom they tag as Nazis Brownshirts every chance they get! A little perspective might be in order here, people. Don't you think? Feel free to contact Mr. Penn, Mr. Black, sites linked here, and all of the other stalwart American 'gay rights activists' who only seem to take the duct tape off their mouths long enough to condemn US as Nazis!
Oh, and here's the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences contact page. You can reach everyone you need to there. If they're not all out sipping tea and sharing finger cookies with the gay butchers, that is.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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