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article imageOp-Ed: Iran's Film Chief Slams Ours, Iranian Blogger Slams

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 11, 2009 in World
It seems Team Oscar, which received yet another backhand from their Iranian hosts today, just can't get humiliated enough. Meanwhile, an Iranian blogger slammed for their own Stoogery on behalf of the Hitlerite Islamist Republic of Iran.
The streak of masochism and self-prostration running through Team Hollywood in Iran is a wonder to behold. They should have never went to Iran in the first place. Worse, Team Oscar has since humiliated themselves, and by extension all of us here in America whom they represent there, beyond belief.
Today, it is Iran's own Film Academy president and domestic film stooge Mohammad-Mehdi Asgarpur, Managing Director of the Iranian House of Cinema, reminding AMPAS prez Sid Ganis and Team Oscar of their place. And it is NOT at the table. It is under it.
This just in, from
'Iran Film Chief Criticizes Media’s Reactions toward Hollywood Delegation's Visit to Iran'
“I believe some tried to show the guests that we are the same people depicted in ‘300’, and ‘Not without My Daughter’. On the other hand, some others tried to show our rich cultural background and acted based on this rich culture.
"In none of the meetings, the Iranian cineastes bowed to the American filmmakers."
If there is one thing I can guaran-damn-tee you, it is not the domestic Iranian film stooges doing all the bowing here. It's the foreign ones. More Goebbels-like propaganda, from the esteemed Mr. Asgarpur.
"The Hollywood team encountered a true image of Iran, its culture, its history and its people."
You want the REAL state of 'film culture' in Today's Islamist Republic of Iran? Take a REAL good look!
Meanwhile, it would seem the Iranian stoogery is not limited just to Team Oscar. Not by a DAMN sight!
Ardeshir Dolat, Iranian blogger and TRUE advocate for freedom and democracy in Iran, gave an even bigger and most deserved backhand of his own to the website
"I watched Voice of America Persian TV today, and on the Round table programme was Eric Garris the founder of the website. I have never seen anything like it. The guy dodged every question put to him by the presenter, Vafa Mostaghim reading messages from the Iranians who live inside the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Toward the end of the show one Iranian sent an email and congratulated Garris for talking in the way that Khamenei in his wildest dreams could never do to propagate his regime and defend its policies of war and jihad. He gave a very nervous chuckle to that and had the cheek to ask Iranians to donate to his website!
I think he missed the irony. Garris showed his ignorance about what is happening in Iran throughout the show."
Lot of that going around, Ardeshir. Welcome to the Club.
I would certainly not recommend any donations to, which seems to be our modern-day version of the America First movement. And you know what a bang-up job THEY did in keeping America out of the war against Hitler until it was just about too goddamn late, for both America and the greater world at large. They certainly succeeded in making it way too late for the six million victims of the Holocaust.
But I WOULD recommend you support Mr. Ardeshir Dolat, and all of the other brave Iranians both inside Iran and out, who are Fighting the Good Fight in the face of the epidemic of willfully blind ignorance of what it really happening in the living nightmare known as today's Islamic Republic of Iran.
The Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, is also doing us all a tremendous public service in translating media reports and sources from all over the Middle East to show you what is REALLY being said by leaders over there. As opposed to what they're saying to us, for example.
MEMRI's video blog, MEMRI TV, is also both an informative and eminently disturbing source of information on the state of modern media in the Middle East, and it is in a sorry state indeed. MEMRI TV also has a site at YouTube, where you can see many of their paid-subscriber video clips for free.
Like these clips from Iran TV showing Iranian 'scholars' describing HARRY POTTER and TOM AND JERRY as Ziono-Hollywoodist conspiracies. Offenses, no doubt, Team Oscar has apologized profusely for by now. Or this one, from a Kuwait Islamist stating his belief that homosexuals should be tortured in public squares.
People, there is nothing wrong with wanting peace and opposing war. As a six-year Veteran myself I can assure you, as General Douglas MacArthur once assured his generation, that "no one hates war more than the soldier." We get the worst of it!
But you must also realize there can be horrors in this world far worse than war. And that statement could not be any more true in regard to today's medieval torture chamber known as the Islamic Republic of Iran.
I am not advocating war. I want to prevent it! Just as Winston Churchill tried to prevent the oceans of blood from being spilled in Europe once again after the bloodbath of World War One, but whose warnings no one seemed to listen to. I just want people to speak up about all this.
At least speak up for the voiceless in Iran. Many of whom, thanks to Iranian blood thirst and brutality, have had their voices silenced forever in most brutal and inhuman of ways.
War certainly won't be prevented with Stooge groups like Team Oscar and fawning all over today's Third Reich, as many once fawned over Hitler and his blood-drinking gang of stooges. And we all know how THAT turned out!
Must I be the only one speaking out on these abominations and affronts to civilized people everywhere? I have already nuked any chances of getting any more work as screenwriter in Hollywood into oblivion over this issue, and I had no greater dream! I have sacrificed all.
Can't you all at least PLEASE take a look at what is really going on here?
Like Churchill once was, I will no doubt be called a warmonger. But who was right? Churchill or the stooges? Who REALLY got fifty million people killed and Europe incinerated when it all didn't even have to happen in the FIRST place? Must I too, like Churchill, be the Cassandra of our age?
Please feel free to post, redistribute or otherwise pirate at will any of my posts on this subject.
Or not. It's a free country. THAT, if anything, is the main point here. The stark and disturbing reality is that today's Islamist Republic of Iran is no more of a free country than Hitler's Nazi Germany was seventy years ago. Even less so, in many ways. At least Hitler didn't persecute German women for the clothes they wore!
You can show your support to my own War Effort against our own fawning band of stooges like Team Hollywood and with a vote below. I'm up against the biggest PR machine on earth!
By the way, you can also contact that Monster PR Machine of AMPAS right here. Voice an opinion. Whatever.
It's been a very lonely fight, people. But that I am alone does not mean I am wrong. Need all the help I can get :)
If anything, just vote to let me know there are voices as outraged as mine over all this!
Peace to all. I hope.
Regards To All, Your Most Humble and Obedient Mad King.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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