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article imageNew Pac-Man Game Possible to Celebrate 30 Years

By Rhonda Straw     Mar 10, 2009 in Entertainment
Pac Man will be thirty years old in 2010. The developers of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Nameco are reported to be discussing a new Pac Man game.
In 2010, Pac Man will be 30 years old. The maker of the original Pac-Man, Nameco Bandai, revealed this statement, speaking about the co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, Hirokazu Yasuhara, regaurding the newest Pac Man game:
"As a group, we feel like we should do something to make him come back. So, there's one project that we started working on, and Yasuhara is part of it."
Yasuhara has spoke of an interest in developing a new action game. He spoke of a "a strong desire to create a new character action game."
The general public is looking forward to this new development, with comments of praise, stating,
"Nice, I would love to see a new two player Pac-Man game. "
"It's part of the Nameco Museum DS."
The gaming industry has inspired many versions of Pac Man, including Pactext, developed in 2007, by a retro gamer, who developed a code to create PacText. After developing the code for Pac Text, the next morning,m he developed an interface with the Pac Man insignia. The choices are limited to "forward', "backward" and "eat dot."
Pac Man dates back to 1982, with a Pac Man board game, released by Milton Bradley, complete with the familiar Pac Man maze, and plastic pieces that gulped up marbles. The plastic pieces gulped marbles by pressing on the top of their game night.
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