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article imageChimp in stone attack

By Jane Fazackarley     Mar 9, 2009 in Science
Researchers say a chimpanzee from a zoo based in Swedish zoo has regularly planned his attacks on visitors to the zoo it was reported today.
The chimpanzee was found by his keepers to be collecting stones and keeping them for later so that they would be ready to throw at visitors when they arrived.
The chimp called Santino is said to collect the stones when his mental state is calm and before the zoo opens in the morning. The throwing of the stones doesn't happen until much later during his more aggressive stage and scientists suggest the chimp is actually thinking about his later mood.
Santino has also been seen breaking of pieces of stones from bigger rocks and is also able to notice weakened areas on rocks.
Dr Osvath who has been observing this behaviour says:
"We've done experimental studies, and the chimps in my mind show very clearly that they do plan for future needs, but it has been argued that perhaps this was an experimental artefact,"
"I'm personally convinced that at least chimps do plan for future needs, that they do have this autonoetic consciousness,".
"I hope that other zoos or those in the wild will look more closely at what is happening,"
"I bet there must be a lot of these kinds of behaviours out there, and I wouldn't be surprised if we find them in dolphins or other species."
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