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Giant Poo sculpture for world-famous Keukenhof gardens

By Adriana Stuijt     Mar 7, 2009 in Entertainment
The world-famous Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands is getting a giant 4,5 meter high poo-pile for its displays. The plastic doggie-pile is the work of provocative artist Wim T Schippers. It now can still be admired in in a stately garden in Friesland.
The turd, made of polystyrene foam, polyurethane and painted with automotive acrylic paint, is the work of artist Wim T Schippers. It's now can still be seen amongst other sculptures exhibited at the stately home of Vijversburg in the Friesland town of Tytsjerk , where it's been ever since last summer.
Nuisance deposit:
Schippers describes his giant turd as a 'nearly classic sculpture' and named it "Stationnement gĂȘnant". In France, this term refers to a nuisance, for instance a car parked in such a way that it blocks traffic. It's typical of this artist's creative use of language, which the Dutch refer to as a typical 'Schipperism".
"Look at the beauty of even the most humble things,' says he with a straight face about his giant, nature-invading, plastic turd, 'Art does not always have to deal with grand, majestic themes. Everybody has to deal with dog turds every day'.
This is most certainly true: The Netherlands has 17-million residents and at least 13-million extremely well-fed dogs. There isn't really an inch in our country's limited public space which hasn't already been thoroughly turdified, I do believe. Our duck population in fact has become highly specialised in cleaning up the muck and seem to be thriving on it.
His sculpture certainly is provocative - as indeed all his work has been over the years. He likes to mock people, and one is never certain whether he's serious or not when he describes his Pop Art, i.e. such as this giant turd, as being 'very conceptual in essence." Schippers also is well-known for his voice: several generations of Dutch children grew up listening to his rendition of Ernie in Sesam Street from the early sixties. see
De Keukenhof's directer Walter Jansen is excited about buying the turd: he wants to place it in the Keukenhof's 'children's paradise' play garden. "I already see the picture in front of me, how children will try to climb it,' he says.
He's hoping to have the stationnement GĂȘnant sculpture deposited there by the time Dutch Queen Beatrix opens this spring's exhibition on 18 March. It runs until 21 May.
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