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Science Says Musicians Make Appealing Partners in Relationships

By Carol Forsloff     Mar 6, 2009 in Lifestyle
Hum that tune, honey? Well, it turns out the fellow or gal can do a lot more than that, science says. They make great partners in relationships. Indeed relationships will hum all by themselves just because a musician has a good sense of emotions.
Now here's the reason, according to science. Musicians are tapped into emotions. So when they say “I feel your pain” perhaps they do. Better yet these folks are likely just to feel the sense of you, the rhythm of the relationship and pick up on those nuances that come from listening, observing, and having that sense of timing that musicians seem to have. They are tuned into emotions.
Specifically the skills for relationships are more than that apparently. Musicians detect emotion in sounds across all sorts of arenas, whether in business, classroom or out in the bushes. They listen to the emotional content of speech. In an experiment at Northwestern University where scalp electrodes were used, musicians showed a greater ability to recognize certain nuances that non musicians could not.
 On the sensitive, spiritual side the ability to tap into emotions is important in understanding others. The Map of the Soul says that we need to recognize we are feeling beings. It would seem, therefore, that those who are tuned into emotions would be able to help people with theirs and understand them better. At least as science has supported this assumption.
Musicians might likely be good marriage mates since researchers have found that those who are able to relate emotionally are able to sustain lasting partnerships.
It seems musicians have something to toot their horns about given the fact that they are tops on the chart with recognizing and understanding emotions. This might explain also why Elvis was so appealing.
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