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Teens who beat young girl unconscious see their day in court

By Nikki Weingartner     Mar 6, 2009 in Crime
After posting the horrific beating of a young cheerleader on YouTube last spring, those charged in the case are finally getting their day in court. Two were sentenced this week, while the remaining three will be sentenced later this month.
Last spring, a horrible video was released that showed a ruthless and one-sided beating of 16-year-old Victoria Lindsay, a cheerleader, at the hands of at least six girls, ranging between the ages of 14 and 18. The reason? The aggressive girls wanted their 15 minutes of fame and posted the video on YouTube. it was also alleged that two boys were used to stand guard outside of the home where Lindsay was taken.
Today, one of those Florida teens, an 18-year-old, received a sentence of three years probation, 100 hours of community service, to write a letter of apology, stay off of social networking sites and pay around $1700 US restitution for her crime. This came as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors dropping the charges for felony kidnapping and witness tampering in exchange for Mercades Nichols, one of two primary suspects in the case, guilty plea. In the video, one of Nichols' relatives could be seen visibly upset by the judges ruling. Nichols also pled guilty to charges associated with a separate case involving stalking and harming her ex-boyfriend.
Nichols' mother, 35-year-old Christina Garcia, was said to have been arrested for Domestic Violence in February for grabbing her daughter by the hair, kicking her and spitting in her face. Nichols' grandmother called the police and Garcia was arrested.
Yesterday, Brittany Mayes was sentenced to a year of probation for her part in the horrible beating. She also must serve 50 hours of community service as well as have no contact with the victim and to stay off of social networking sites such as YouTube, MySpace and FaceBook.
The other teenagers involved in the beating will face their evil deeds later this month and some of their parents are angry, stating on camera that the Sheriff made a "mountain out of a mole hill, " calling the charges against he kids "trumped up." All of the teens charged in the case took plea agreements.
During the March 30th, 2008 video beating, you can hear the young girl pleading to be let go as one of the teens repeatedly pounds her in the face and head. The victim lost consciousness during the beating but when she came to, the six resumed beating her. The video actually begins after the victim was slammed into the wall and the floor and lost consciousness. And as you can see from the video, one of the teen abusers enjoys slapping the defenseless girl around more than the others but that they all partake in screaming and yelling at the teen.
The victim did suffer medical trauma, including a concussion as well as damage to her face, ear and numerous bruising on her body and face. All of those arrested in this case were charged with felony battery and false imprisonment.
Facing judgment are:
Brittini Hardcastle, 18 (who is another principal suspect in the beating alongside Nichols)
Kayla Hassell, 16
April Cooper, 15
Cooper and Hassell are expected to be sentenced on March 11th while Hardcastle is scheduled for March 20th. Charges against three of the original eight were dropped due to insufficient evidence.
It may not be enough to help get this young girl back to a normal state of existence, but hopefully it will show these violent girls that no "good" deed goes unpunished.
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