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article image2,500 pounds of pot removed from Texas streets in two major busts

By Nikki Weingartner     Mar 6, 2009 in Crime
Two recent busts of "dealer" sized proportions have left the streets with around 2,500 lbs less marijuana for sale. Around 500 lbs was seized from the bus of a famous rapper while some 2,000 lbs was taken from an 18-wheeler at a Texas checkpoint.
To weed or not to weed seems to be a continuing debate between pot supporters and anti-drug advocates worldwide. However, the fact remains that marijuana is considered an illegal drug and despite personal beliefs, possessing any amount can have a potentially damaging effect on one's future.
The market for the illegal substance is huge, especially among those with money, like celebrities who seem to have unlimited financial resources and a big addiction. One celeb, a rapper named "Fabolous" was said to be at the center of a recent drug bust when police in Arkansas seized around 500 lbs of pot and $6,500 US cash from a locked compartment on his tour bus. The bus was en route to Boston to pick up another "rapper" whose name the tour bus driver "couldn't recall." They had been at an NBA All-Star weekend in Phoenix, AZ.
According to AOL Music,
Fab was not on the bus at the time of the seizure, the two men who were arrested, Edward Thimas, 52, and Robert Morris, 44, claimed that Fabolous had loaded the marijuana into the locked compartment
However, the two men had slightly conflicting stories about where they were going and what they were doing, with Thimas telling police that he was told by "Fabolous" to deliver the pot to Boston and contact him and the rapper whose name they "couldn't' recall" upon arrival so the musical duo could get the goods.
Morris told a slight variation of the story, stating that there were "three rappers" involved, including "Fabolous" and that the trio had flown ahead of bus and were meeting them in Boston. Both of the men were arrested for possession and Fab's involvement in the case is unknown, although he has not been arrested.
One popular entertainment blog spot asked the question: "Besides a dealer, who rolls with 500 lbs. of pot?!" The 2007 teen choice award nominee may be setting more than a bad example for young minds.
Yesterday, another large shipment was seized as Border Patrol agents found around 2,000 lbs of marijuana inside cardboard boxes on an 18-wheeler after drug dogs alerted agents to the find at a check-point. The pot, said to be worth around $1.5 million US on the street, was turned over to DEA agents alongside of the truck's driver.
Although neither of these recent busts are record breaking like the 6.5 tons back in 2006 on the Arizona / Mexico border, where plastic wrapped bundles worth millions were placed in the beds of several stolen pick-up trucks and Mexican nationals were arrested in connection with the bust, it is another 2,500 lbs off of the street.
It makes one wonder, however, where exactly does that seized pot end up after all is said and done?
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