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article imageTom Cruise Again Asserts Scientology Cured His Dyslexia

By Carol Forsloff     Mar 6, 2009 in World
Scientology has made controversial claims. So have its members. One of its most high-profile followers, Tom Cruise, makes amazing pronouncements, one in particular about himself. That pronouncement is that Scientology cured his dyslexia.
Cruise was interviewed recently surrounding his movie Valkyrie, and during the course of the discussion he brought up the powers of his faith in relationship to dyslexia. Like other members of religious groups, Cruise is enthusiastic about it. One of the most important facets of Scientology, Cruise underlines, is its ability to give its adherents special resources to solve personal problems. Unlike many times when Cruise has been interviewed and has spoken in great detail about the aspects of his religion, this time he confined himself to one particular issue. That issue is dyslexia for which he maintains he received a cure when he became a Scientologist.
Like many individuals with learning disabilities, Cruise said he had self concept problems related to his language learning deficits. He declared this to “XL Semanal,” the weekly magazine supplement of daily Spanish newspaper ABC, that when he was seven years old he was diagnosed with dyslexia. This brought up special feelings about himself that he expressed this way:'
“I asked myself if I was normal or an idiot. I would try to concentrate but I felt anxiety, frustration, boredom. When I graduated from high school in 1980 I was functionally illiterate,” he said. He learned to read perfectly as an adult when he became a Scientologist and studied the writings of L.Ron Hubbard.
Dyslexia involves a set of characteristics on a spectrum of language learning difficulties involving reading, writing and speaking. Some individuals reflect minimal problems and others have more serious manifestations. Cruise claims he had this specific set of difficulties.
What does the International Society for Dyslexia think about what Cruise declares and his claims? Cruise' recent statements about his being cured of dyslexia was not the first time he made this claim. He talked about Scientology being the answer to his dyslexia in 2003. Afterwards the ISD responded to Cruise's claims.
Experts in the study of dyslexia declare that the 40 million individuals with dyslexia cannot be cured nor is Scientology the method to treat it. J.Thomas Viall, Executive director of the International Dyslexia Association, maintains,“I’m not aware of any research that supports the teaching of the Church of Scientology as a successful intervention for dyslexia.”
Viall's statements are underlined by Philip Pasho, who is executive director of the National Dyslexic Foundation “Dyslexia is a condition and conditions don’t get ‘cured’ — they get dealt with.
Cruise continues to make news about Scientology and its magical powers. He told Matt Lauer in 2005 that Brooke Shields and others who take antidepressants don't need psychiatry but a better quality of life that can be found in Scientology.
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