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article imageOp-Ed: The Un-Islamic Republic of Iran, Third Reich of the 21st Century

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 5, 2009 in World
A Gestapo-like police state. Sickening human rights violations. Anti-Semitism and threats of genocide. A propaganda ministry worthy of Goebbels. The only difference between Nazi Germany and today's Iran are time and location. Will it all end even worse?
Does anyone else find the cheering, death-chanting multitudes in Tehran from the embedded video eerily reminiscent of Hitler's Nuremberg? It's really scary.
Here's a translation of Hitler's speech on the embedded video:
"If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race!" (wild applause)
Now, from two infamous speeches of the esteemed Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:
"Although they (Zionists) are a minuscule minority, they have been dominating an important portion of the financial and monetary centers as well as the political decision-making centers of some European countries and the US in a deceitful, complex and furtive manner."
'(Some) people are using words like “it’s not possible”. They say how could we have a world without America and Zionism? But you know well that this slogan and goal can be achieved and can definitely be realised”.
“Our dear Imam (Ruhollah Khomeini) ordered that the occupying regime in Jerusalem be wiped off the face of the earth. This was a very wise statement.'
From Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speeches to the World Without Zionism Conference in Tehran, October 27, 2005 and UN General Assembly, September 24, 2008
Talk about familiar themes! They could have had the same speechwriters!
Not that it takes a whole lot of intelligence to say all that. Just the opposite, in fact.
And all that's not even counting Ahmadinejad's references to Jews as bacteria, filth, stinking corpses, etc, etc, that stand in stark parallel to Nazi references to Jews as lice, rats, vermin, etc, etc, etc.
As a foreword, let it be known that I am opposed only to the bloody un-Islamic regime in Iran and NOT the Iranian people as a whole, many of whom are risking life and limb to stand up to these modern-day SS-type devils that have their country by the throat. They are paying dearly for it.
Point made.
Now, the REAL enemies of humanity.
You know people, the more I look at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's brutal theocratic thugocracy known as the un-Islamic Republic of Iran, the more I see Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.
But don't take my word for it. Pictures speak louder than.
If the right people were murdered, Nazis in Germany never had to fear the courts.
Nor do they in Iran, it seems.
Here are mass hangings by Hitler's Nazis.
Here are mass hangings by Ahmadinejad's.
Hitler's Nazis executed children.
So do Ahmadinejad's (contains graphic video at bottom of page).
Hitler had the Einsatzgruppen to mass murder Jews outside Germany.
Ahmadinejad's terror-exporting Iran has Hezbollah and HAMAS to do their dirty work.
In Iran, as in Nazi Germany, there ARE no innocents Jews. Anywhere.
Not even children.
Not even the unborn.
In every way, the megalomaniac Islamist regime in Iran is a dead-on M.O. and fingerprint match to Hitler's bloodthirsty and genocidal dictatorship. The overwhelming and damning evidence is there for all to see.
Except, of course, for those who choose not to see.
In the name of peace.
Or worse yet, choose to be a brainless, fascist Iranian stooge.
But the evidence stands nevertheless.
You can deny it.
What you can't do is destroy it.
Cat''s out of the bag.
In today's wired-up world, when it's out there, it's out there.
And for Iran's homicidal mass-murdering maniacs posing as pious men of God, it's REALLY out there!
A Gestapo-like police state. The detention, beating, torture, execution and murder of dissidents (particularly impudent students), the stoning of women, and the torture and hanging by slow suffocation and strangling by crane wire of homosexuals and 'promiscuous' women and young girls who are often tried, convicted and executed on the word of one man alone.
This 17-year-old girl, Nazanin, was sentenced to death by hanging for stabbing and killing one of the three stand-up God-fearing Islamists who tried to rape her in a West Tehran park.
At least she took one of them with her. Good for Nazanin!
Women are even brutalized for 'Islamic clothing violations'.
Bloggers aren't immune from fascist Iran's righteous wrath, either.
Iran's iron fist of terror, like Nazi Germany's, is not limited to Iran alone.
Like Hitler's Brownshirt proxies stirring up terror and violence throughout Europe, the un-Islamic Republic uses proxies HAMAS and Hezbollah to exact their unquenchable blood thirst all around the globe, even under diplomatic cover.
Of course, like the Nazis, Iran externalizes all their evils onto their Democratic foes.
And, like the Nazis, they offend humanity beyond belief with their merciless brutality, yet take violent offense at every slight, both real and imagined. If that isn't characteristic of the Nazis of both Germany and Iran, nothing is.
Yet in some ways, the Iranian theocracy is even worse than Hitler's fascist state.
No one can contest that the Nazis took great pleasure in torture, both as a means of interrogation and even just for sport in the death camps. But even the Nazis didn't write instructions into their laws ordering the infliction of the greatest amount of human suffering possible, like this ordinance regarding death by stoning.
From the Telegraph/UK, January 17, 2008:
'Iran's penal code lays down the size of stones crowds should use to bludgeon adulterers to death, Amnesty International has discovered.
'This regulation is "specifically designed to increase the suffering of the victims," according to an Amnesty report.
Article 104 of the Iranian penal code states the stones used should "not be large enough to kill the person by one or two strikes, nor should they be so small that they could not be defined as stones".
Typically, the victim takes 20 minutes to die. Under Article 102, men must be buried up to their waist for stoning, while women are buried up to their chest.'
Similarly, Iran's executions by hanging are also designed not to inflict a quick death by sudden drop and snapping of the neck (as was once common in western societies) but by slow, excruciating strangulation and suffocation by being raised up on crane wires. It can take as long as an hour for people to die this way.
This particularly cruel method of torture and murder is most enthusiastically applied to gays.
This should come as no surprise, considering high-ranking Iranian leader Mohsen Yahyavi gloated that this is the way it should be done. Here is the esteemed Mr. Yahyavi's eloquent take on the subject:
"According to Islam, gays and lesbianism were not permitted. If homosexual activity is in private there is no problem, but those in overt activity should be executed."
Mr. Yahyavi initially said torture instead of execution, then argued that "homosexuality is against human nature and that humans are here to reproduce. Homosexuals do not reproduce."
As though the torture by slow strangulation and eventual death by being hauled up on crane wires, as was done to two teenage boys accused of homosexuality, were more a part of the natural order of things for civilized human beings.
Mr. Yahyavi went on to say to British PMs questioning him about the hanging of two underage boys in Iran, "homosexuality is to blame for a lot of diseases such as AIDS."
I do not see the Elton John AIDS Foundation appointing the oh-so-compassionate Mr. Yahyavi to their board anytime soon.
The next generation of Iranians may be just as ruthless and bloodthirsty as today's if Iran's Hitler Youth-like children's programming is successful in twisting their impressionable young minds.
They're sure doing their best to achieve just that in ways only Goebbels could love.
You won't find PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST, CHICKEN RUN, HARRY POTTER or anything by the infamous Jew Walt Disney on Iranian TV.
FIDDLER ON THE ROOF? Fuggeddaboutit!
But you will find eloquent TV film seminars on how the aforementioned films are all Ziono-Hollywoodist conspiracies.
My favorite? How TOM AND JERRY is a Zionist Conspiracy by Disney to improve the image of mice in Europe. See, Jews were called dirty mice back in the good old days of Hitler, and that image just had to improved upon so that when people saw mice, they didn't think Jews.
However, the lecturer on that subject, the esteemed Professor Hasan Bolkhari, closed out the TV seminar on telling people just how Jews really WERE dirty mice, as no one is more cunning, dirty or clandestine as the Jews.
"I'd like to tell you that... It should be noted that mice are very cunning...and dirty.
"No ethnic group or people operates in such a clandestine manner as the Jews."
I can only imagine that Schindler's List is one of the esteemed 'mass media expert' and Iranian Education Ministry consultant Professor Bolkhari's favorite comedies, right up there with The Pianist, although The Pianist doesn't have such a happy ending. The Jew lives.
By the way, Zionist conspiracies are not just limited to film. Not by a long shot!
Iranian TV also reported that the Worldwide Zionist Conspiracy extends to Coca Cola, Marlboro, Hugo Boss, McDonalds, Disney, Garnier, Tommy Hilfiger, and L'Oreal.
And I'm sure that's all just for starters.
And oh yeah, The Economist and National Geographic magazines are banned, too. Seems the Zionist conspirators at both magazines called the 'Persian Gulf' the 'Arabian Gulf' on a new atlas map. Or, in the case of The Economist, committed the fatal sin of referring to the same National Geographic map.
Boy, are they strict!
In other words, EVERYTHING is a Zionist conspiracy!
Hitler had days like this. Enemies everywhere!
If this all doesn't remind you all of Josef Goebbels and Julius Streicher, you need a serious reality check.
And now they're putting together everything they need with their 'peaceful' nuclear program to bring Armageddon to Technicolor life.
You know. To deal with all those nasty Worldwide Zionist Conspiracies once and for all.
It's not like it hasn't been tried before.
But don't take my word for it.
Get it from the horse-ass's mouth.
From National Review Online:
'Former President Hashemi Rafsanjani has publicly evoked the possibility of using nuclear weapons against Washington's regional allies, especially Israel.
"In a nuclear duel in the region, Israel may kill 100 million Muslims," Rafsanjani said in a speech in Tehran in October 2000. "Muslims can sustain such casualties, knowing that, in exchange, there would be no Israel on the map."
In Hitler's time that was called Gotterdammerung, which translates to Twilight of the Gods.
In Iran's case, it may mean Twilight of the Human Race.
Twilight of Israel at a minimum.
By the way, Mr. Rafsanjani is what you call a moderate in Iran.
If he's a moderate, I don't even want to know what the extremists are saying.
And that seems to be the big problem here.
Iran is the 800-pound gorilla in the room nobody wants to talk about seriously.
Except of course, all of Iran's useful idiots in the West who either downplay Iran's evils, or stooges who give them a prestige they are totally undeserving of.
That some of them are Jewish is unconscionable.
I am not advocating all-out war against the Iranian people, or bombing their cities. Ordinary Iranian citizens are the ones who are suffering the most in that brutal Islamist theocracy that is in actuality an affront to God and Man both. We should do all we can to help those brave souls in undermining that regime, just as we supported the Resistance in Occupied France.
I also believe it is way past due for their nuclear sites to get the same treatment as Saddam's Osirak reactor in 1981, a dirty job it looks like the Israelis are the only ones interested in performing, as they seem to be the only ones beside me and too few others who see what's on the horizon..
They've got my green light, anyway.
We in the West and around the world should also sever ALL trade and finance until their government finally decides to join the human race instead of plotting to wipe out whole segments of it. It may be a short-term material inconvenience for their people, but it might just be an inspiration as well. After all, how much worse can it really get there, outside of nuclear retaliation?
Looking back in history, it is obvious that Hitler could have been stopped when he invaded the Rhineland in 1936 in violation of the Versailles Treaty. We know now that his generals were ready to overthrow him if there were a diplomatic backlash. Instead we stumbled on to Armageddon, even though anyone with a brain, eyes and no rosy delusions saw it coming.
Ahmadinejad, Rafsanjani and the un-Islamic Republic's fascist genocide-minded dictatorship is laying it all out for us, just as surely as Hitler did in Mein Kampf.
Why is no one listening? Why does no one see?
Must we crawl from the ashes once again?
At least those of us who aren't ash ourselves?
Now I know how Cassandra and Winston Churchill must have felt.
Last word.
For those of you useless idiots who wish to excuse Iran's egregiously inhuman behavior and turn the coin on us, you can talk about the Shah, The CIA and the overthrow all you like. That's ancient history. This is today.
In the thirty years since the Khomeini revolution of 1979, The un-Islamic Republic of Iran has become far worse than it ever was under the Shah, SAVAK included.
As to bearing grudges for all that, Iran has either directly or indirectly spilled an ocean of our blood all around the world since. Up until Al Qaeda came on the scene, Hezbollah was Number One in the terrorist shedding of American blood. 230 Marines in Beirut alone, and they were there on an international peacekeeping mission with five other nations.
Not to mention all the armor-piercing EFPs Iran funneled to Shiite militias in Iraq that have killed nearly 200 US soldiers.
Whatever price we owed the Iranians for meddling in their affairs, the subhuman fascists now controlling that foul dictatorship have exacted their price from us in spades.
There are also some stark human rights contrasts between Iran's government of today's and America's.
In America, gays are hung up on Prop 8.
In Iran, gays are hung up on crane wires.
In America, some teenage girls like to get stoned and be promiscuous.
In Iran, it's the other way around.
Lastly, here's a gem you're going to love.
With the punked AMPAS delegation in Tehran, Iranian filmmaker Alireza Davudnejad, a domestic film industry stooge for the Iranian terror regime (as opposed to the foreign film industry stooges from Hollywood) sent an open letter to Obama that contained this priceless statement:
“The source of insecurity in the world is rooted in the right of veto by member nations of the UN Security Council. This veto right allows the last word to belong to the one who kills the most and the fastest.
“As long as the earth is threatened by thousands of missiles with nuclear warheads, talking about peace, justice, and freedom is merely playing with words.
“My first recommendation to you is to relinquish the veto right voluntarily and dismantle all nuclear weapons unilaterally.
“Declare that the United States will never make use of the wild card right of veto during your presidency and present a schedule for destruction of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.
So all we have to do achieve peace, freedom and justice (not to mention appeasing the unappeasable) is to unilaterally disarm, both diplomatically and militarily, all while they're spreading terror, threatening genocide and working to build the Bomb.
And we're supposed to dismantle all of ours in the name of peace?
Ya right! As if.
Don't hold your breath on that one, Stooge!
Funny! Even Hitler didn't have balls that big!
Talk peace? Nobody can talk peace like a ruthless dictator. And if history and experience teaches us anything at all, it's that diplomacy only works with the civilized
That said, I'd have to conclude, based on the mountain of revolting and inhuman evidence I've presented here, that today's nightmarish Orwellian regime in Iran, led by bloodstained strongmen like Ahmadinejad and Mad Mullahs like Rafsanjani, doesn't qualify by a country mile.
How about we judge Iran by what they do and not what they say?
The only difference that remains to be seen between Hitler's Germany and Ahmadinejad's Iran is the endgame.
I see the Gathering Storm here. Don't you?
So what do we do? Act now?
Or keep on our rose-colored glasses, stock up on 2,000,000 sunblock and have a really bad day?
Where's Major Kong when you need him?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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