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article imageDo pictures tell the truth in Casey Anthony story?

By Nikki Weingartner     Mar 2, 2009 in Crime
Pictures of Casey Anthony have been finding their way from her Photobucket account and into local media outlets, and now her defense team is trying to put the lens cap back on it. And the reason: Casey partying while her daughter was missing.
In Orlando, FL, Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, will be in court later today in hopes that a judge will grant his motion to stop images of Casey being released from her Photobucket account. He allegedly believes they only serve to "embarrass" Casey and further skew the jury's impression of the young mom accused of murdering her daughter. It was not revealed why the photos would be considered embarrassing but Baez contends they have no case relevance.
A Florida news report shows a few of the pictures of Casey living it up wrapped in an American flag at an "Anything but clothes party" this past summer where she is holding what appears to be 3 liters of beer. Some of the pictures were alleged to have been taken while her daughter was known to be missing.
On February 26, a motion for a protective order was filed asking to stop the dissemination and / or distribution and release of images from Photobucket. (see PDF file here).
Photobucket is an image hosting website where "millions" of users can upload pictures and share them with other users for free. Those who do not intend for their images to be shared can opt to maintain privacy for either a particular album or all images. However, if that was not the intent for Casey Anthony, it will be interesting to see if the defense request is honoured.
His motion used as evidence the following news story by, where a flag-draped doll of Casey Anthony went unsold without any bids on eBay.
Also on the docket for judgment will be whether or not a videotape of Casey's reaction to the news that her daughters remains had been found will be released. Baez is using the Sixth Amendment right to having her attorney present as part of his reasoning for this request. According to the Sun Sentinel, he says his client was not aware she was being recorded.
So the question teetering on captivating minds is why on earth would a woman whose child was missing be living it up so freely, and scantily clad? Would that behaviour be considered reasonable for a grieving mom? And of course, in light of the video tape of her reaction, she wasn't aware that security cameras were recording her? Really? Because in prison, they record just about every movement that occurs.
Sounds more like someone is trying to prevent pieces of who this person really is from making its way into the courtroom rather than showing concern for her dignity.
A news conference is likely this afternoon following the judges decision. The hearing begins at 4:15 pm local time.
[Update] Judge Stan Strickland denied the motion to bar the public from viewing the photos and he delayed the release of the video. The photos will be made public and the video will be released at least until the defense attorneys have a chance to view it. A tentative court date for Casey Anthony was set for October 12th.
Click here for PDF version of judges decision.
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