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UK Freedom Bill campaign gets underway via petition and facebook

By J Pallister     Mar 2, 2009 in Politics
The Liberal Democrat party have launched a freedom bill to reclaim civil liberties eroded by decades of snippy legislation, campaigning electronically and via viral marketing techniques.
Time was when politics involved rallies in the open, but legislation now could make that very difficult as the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 now gives the police in the UK powers to impose conditions on meetings of just two people.
As it's also illegal to take pictures of the police, at least when they are engaging in counter terrorist activities, which according to Henry Porter writing in the Guardian means in practice a ban on taking pictures of the police it is hardly surprising that the Liberal Democrats new Freedom Bill campaigning appears to be taking place mainly online.
The supporting website is detailed and interactive, allowing for commenting on the different sections of the proposed legislation, and also receiving responses from the webteam, whoever they may be. Visitors are encouraged to sign the petition to become supporters of the Freedom Bill, or there's a facebook group, already running at over 1000 members.
1000 members of a facebook group are not, however, going to get this proposed legislation into law, and given that the Liberal Democrat party is actually the third in size in the current parliament, it is unlikely that they are going to be able to persuade either of the two majority parties to get behind this bill. Its only hope seems likely to rest on the prospect of a hung parliament when the election occurs next year, and if the LibDems make this a condition of any coalition bid, it seems possible that it may once again become legal to hold protests in Parliament Square.
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