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article imageNeighbors React To Police Brutality Against 15-Year Old Girl

By Joan Firstenberg     Mar 1, 2009 in Crime
A 15-year old girl is beaten up, allegedly by a Washington State Sheriff's deputy right in a City Hall holding cell. The video of the event is suppressed until now. The deputy has finally been charged, and the girl's neighbors are fighting mad.
The former neighbors in Tukwila, Washington of a teenager girl shown in a video being abused by State Police are appalled. They had the opportunity to see the video for the first time today.
Prosecutor have charged Kings County Deputy Sheriff Paul Schene with fourth-degree assault after he appears on the tape lunging at the girl, grabbing her and throwing her to the ground of a cement jail cell, then pummelling her around her head, as his partner, a trainee, joins in, and finally lifting up up by her hair, although she is handcuffed. The provocation for the attack is allegedly that the 15-year kicked her shoe off at him.
Police say the 15-year old girl was arrested after she allegedly stole a car from a woman she lived with. Neighbors are shocked. Here's neighbor Sue Sandell..
"That makes me sick, physically sick."
She and her daughter Amber watched the tape today for the first time. Amber was disgusted....
"You don't need to be physically punished for that, not at that age."
Another former neighbor, Rich McAnich, had this reaction...
"The girl is 15 years old, that's so uncalled for,,, he pulls her up by her hair, after she's already handcuffed? What's the point of that? We all have troubles, everyone has trouble, but no one deserves that."
It's difficult to believe, but the tape was locked up for three months since her arrest, until a judge ordered it be released to the public. And the girl who was in the video, accused of stealing a car, has never filed a formal complaint against Schene and is not talking with anyone about the incident.
Schene's attorney Ann Bremner says the tape - which has no audio - doesn't tell the whole story and severely impacts the deputy's right to a fair trial. But she admits Schene has also been involved in two shootings, including one fatal, during his eight years on the force. An inquest jury ruled Schene's fatal shooting of a man on Interstate 5 was justified. He's now on paid administrative leave.
The reason the tape actually surfaced is that another sheriff's department detective saw it and reported it to her superiors. The other deputy did not report the incident - and since he was in training, the department says he is not involved in the case.
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