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Dutch MP Geert Wilders would become next prime minister in poll

By Adriana Stuijt     Mar 1, 2009 in Politics
Dutch MP Geert Wilders would become the next prime minister of The Netherlands if elections were to be held this month. His Party for Freedom (PVV) now holds nine seats, but a top local pollster finds that he's now so popular that he would get 27 seats.
Top pollster Maurice de Hond said Wilders' PVV -party would get 27 seats - one more than the ruling coalition partners Christian Democrats' 26 and the Labour Party's 21 seats. The fourth-largest party in this poll would be Democrats-66 party with 19 seats. see graph
This means that if an election were to be held this month, Wilders' party would gain so many votes that he would be asked to form the next coalition government in The Netherlands.
And it would be the first time in history than an elected Western country's leader would have to live with a Fatwa, an islamist death-order, on his head. Wilders has been under constant guard ever since the murder of Dutch cineast Theo van Gogh 4 years ago, when a death-warrant against Wilders was pinned to the outspoken Van Gogh's chest by his murderer.
Wilders' popularity has soared among Dutch voters ever since the Amsterdam law court decided to lodge criminal charges against Wilders over his political views and his movie Fitna. see
And he became even more popular when he was denied access to the United Kingdom last month and was awarded the Oriana Fallaci Freedom of Speech prize in Rome Italy two weeks ago. His current popularity is due to Dutch voters' approval of his current public appearances in the United States of America, where he has been received cordially and invited to show his anti-jihadist film Fitna in the prestigious LBJ-chamber of the Capitol building in Washington, DC; held a well-received speech at the National Press Club and the Four Seasons restaurant and appeared in interviews on TV and in the print media.
Eighty of 120 Dutch MPs would be voted out at the moment
Just after the murder by a Dutch jihadist, Mohammed Bouyeri of Dutch anti-jihadist filmmaker Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam in October 2004, Wilders' party was even more popular than at the present time - reaching 30 seats in the opinion polls - but the Labour Party then had also gained more seats. Things are considerably different now, says De Hond.
Since twenty-eight months ago, when the Dutch held their last parliamentary elections, 80 of the total 150 seats have now moved into an opposite voter-sentiment - i.e. 80 of the current 150 MPs would be voted out of office.
Were an election to be held now, Wilders'PVV would win as the country's largest party, and the Christian-Democrats and Labour Party, who with more muslim voters, also are Wilders' most vociferous critics, would be forced into the unheard-of situation of having to form a coalition government with the man these parties are demonising in parliament and in the news media at every turn. see
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