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article imageDid Gov. Jindal Make A Gaffe On Katrina In GOP Rebuttal?

By Can Tran     Feb 27, 2009 in Politics
GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana could find himself under possible fire in the near future in regards to the Katrina story in the GOP rebuttal to United States President Barack Obama’s Address to Congress.
Tuesday night on February 24 at 9 P.M. EST, United States President Barack Obama had given his “Address to Congress.” It could also be dubbed as his “State of the Nation” address. He had mainly focused on fixing the country’s economy. So far, Obama’s address received much praise.
GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, the first Indian-American governor, would give the GOP rebuttal to Obama’s Address to Congress. However, the rebuttal would be considered unimpressive. But, Jindal could be under fire for one part of his rebuttal. One could ask: What part of the rebuttal could put Jindal under fire?
For those paying attention to the rebuttal, Jindal talked about Hurricane Katrina. The rebuttal alone has brought criticism towards Jindal. It could be very stinging criticism that could hurt Jindal’s political future. So far, the GOP is looking at Jindal as a possible candidate for the 2012 US Presidential Elections. There were many things in Jindal’s rebuttal that brought forth criticism.
But the Katrina story could bring the most backlash against Jindal.
Again, those that paid attention to the rebuttal heard Jindal talk Sheriff Harry Lee of Jefferson Parish. Jindal said that Parish was a Democrat and his friend. In regards to the response towards the Katrina disaster, Jindal could have made a possible gaffe. So far, liberal sites have taken the opportunity to go on the offensive.
TPMMuckraker, one of the sites did so. Daily Kos was the first one to look into the accuracy of Jindal's Katrina story. According to the Daily Kos entry in regards to this, it says that evidence gives off the suggestion that Jindal did not interact with Lee. Should that be the case, it greatly contradicts what Jindal said in his rebuttal.
Jindal’s office rebuked the suspicions and brushed it off as an attack by liberal bloggers.
In a Politico article, Melissa Sellers, a spokeswoman for Jindal gave clarification to the situation.
Still, this tidbit has brought forth scrutiny from liberal sites. It does bring forth the question: Was Jindal accurate about the Katrina story when he gave his televised rebuttal to Obama? In the mean time, it has liberal sites and bloggers buzzing all over it.
One should ask: Could this also hurt Jindal’s political future?
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