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article imageRe-Usable Toilet Wipes

By Gar Swaffar     Feb 27, 2009 in Environment
On occasion some people come up with really stupid ideas and decide to run with it despite any better advice they might receive along the way.
The Wallypop company is in production with an article better left to Third World countries (in my opinion)
A cloth toilet wipe, obviously an item whose time is at hand. The product is touted as an environmental measure to save a tree or two.
I will admit the company has a nice selection of styles to choose from though.
The basic wipes are a single layer of soft flannel and one layer of knit terry.
The premium wipes are a single layer of soft flannel and one layer of super soft velour.
The wipes also are available in a hemp material for those who are into an altered state of cloth.
Perhaps the oddest part of the hemp style is the issue of one side being smooth and the other side being 'loopy' When I hear that I think of Velcro which is a hook and loop fastener. Somehow that does not bring about a desire to try any of the products, but different strokes for different folks is ta erm which comes to mind.
Oddly enough the same company also makes sandwich bags for use in the lunch box. My personal recommendation would be to purchase separate colors and patterns of material to be certain no mix ups occur.
And for the unenlightened, there is of course a "How To" page at the website for the product.
Wallypop is a company based in Des Moines Iowa, I would have presumed it to be something more likely to come from Berkeley Ca or even Santa Cruz Ca.
And through all of this I made no mention of the "Save a Tree, use your finger" adage.
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