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Montenegro Airlines has emergency landing at Podgorica airport

By Adriana Stuijt     Feb 27, 2009 in Travel
A Fokker 100 Montenegro Airlines passenger plane with 32 people on board carried out a successful emergency landing at Podgorica airport in the tiny enclave of Montenegro. The aircraft had to return enroute to Rome with mechanical problems.
The Fokker 100 aircraft is mainly used for short hops. The plane had suffered 'mechanical problems', the airport spokesman said, and was forced to return after it had already departed for Rome in Italy.
The airport authorities did not care to divulge the exact nature of these mechanical problems on board the Montenegro Airlines flight . All 32 people on board survived the emergency landing unscathed, as did the aircraft, they said.
The Fokker 100 aircraft 's past accident record shows that these short-flight aircraft have had very few inflight mechanical failures and resulting accidents, with only one woman passenger killed since 2001 -- and one cow in a meadow.
The last recorded accident with a Fokker 100 was on 2 January 2008, on an Iran Air flight to Shiraz from Teheran in Iran It had departed in heavy snowfall conditions. The aircaft skidded of the runway, gears collapsed and a fire broke out at the LH wing. Passengers and crew escaped to safety. Also see
During a charter flight on 16 September 2001 from Recife to Campinas in Brazil, a woman passenger, seated in 19E, lost her life after a part had seperated from the engine causing 3 cabin windows to blow out.
This highly unusual event necessitated an emergency descent into Confins -- due to rapid cabin depressurization.
Cow killed:
On 30 August 2002 during a flight from Sao Paulo to Campo Grande, a Fokker 100 aircraft crashed in a farm field after what appeared to be a 'major fuel leak' And while none of the passengers nor crew were seriously injured - there was one unfortunate victim, struck in the crash: a cow.
During a flight from Salvador to Sao Paulo, a Fokker 100 aircraft made an emergency landing at Viracopos airport. The landing was carried out due to landing gear problems. This had caused the aircraft to "belly-in" on the runway. None of the 42 passengers was killed.
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