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article imageWashington State Sends Out $1 Food Stamp Cheque

By Carolyn E. Price     Feb 25, 2009 in Politics
On February 17th, 2009, the State of Washington sent out a $1 check for food stamps to the 250,000 citizens in its state who are currently enrolled in the food stamp program.
So lets take a breather, you know stop and think about this for just a moment. The State of Washington did the following:
They printed up 250,000 food stamp cheques.
They bought 250,000 envelopes.
They probably ran 250,000 envelopes through a machine to stuff the cheques in and seal them up.
They paid for postage on the 250,000 envelopes at about 40 cents per.
All that to give the fine citizens of the State of Washington who receive food stamps one extra dollar. What, they couldn't just add it to their next month's account? The State of Washington was in such a rush to send out all this extra money to their neediest of citizens that they felt the need to waste tons of money in order to give them one hundred pennies? Ladies and gentlemen, these are your federal stimulus dollars hard at work.
The cost of setting this all up was most likely double that one dollar. The Director of Community Services for Washington's Department of Social and Health Services says that the cheques will trigger addtional federal dollars for food benefits and that they also direct recipients to an energy assistance program.
Food stamp recipient Wendy Nelson says that $1 in food stamps was not what she was expecting and it sounds like more bureaucracy.
It's just a huge waste of taxpayer money. If there was that much money already there, why not just help distribute that among the recipients rather than doing it this way?
Because Ms. Nielson does not have a chequing account, it will cost her $5 in bank fees to cash her $1 cheque.
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