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article imageOp-Ed: Advice on Recognizing Value of Partnership in Marriage

By Carol Forsloff     Feb 25, 2009 in Lifestyle
When the President of the United States spoke last night, he gave a nod to his wife. He acknowledged her separately along with officials. That behavior was applauded because it showed how much he appreciated his partner, a value in marriage.
Right from the beginning of an uplifting speech, reviewed in the news this morning, Obama underlined what’s right with America. By greeting his wife Michelle in public at a very important, public time, he made a strong statement about their partnership that reflects concerns in relationships and what social scientists say folks should do.
The “advice of the day” from the DJ darlings relates to intimate partnerships and ways to strengthen them as Obama did by recognizing the contribution of his wife in front of everyone last night.
Q: I love my wife, but sometimes I don’t think she thinks about us; all she thinks about is herself it seems. She’s in charge of a local medical center, and everything seems to revolve around her job. I do the cooking, take care of the kids, but she doesn’t appear to recognize what I am doing at all. ------Frustrated Bob in Oklahoma
A: That’s what happens to many couples when one of them becomes successful. You’re in a common dilemma where identity in a relationship is an issue. You also face stereotypes about your role right now so you may be struggling with the role reversal as well.
Right now your wife needs to be especially sensitive since you have a relationship that is unique but becoming commonplace where the husband stays home and manages the house and children while the woman works. Identity issues come up at critical times. Obama knew that and acknowledged his wife, an intelligent, professional in her own right, now electing to stay home. The audience recognized how much he valued her contribution by the way he acknowledged her in front of everyone. Talk with your wife about how you feel and the little things she can do to help both of you recognize how important your contribution is to hers and the family success. ----------Carol of the DJ Darlings
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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