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Dying woman's wish to have $58K surgery to look like Demi Moore

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 24, 2009 in World
A dying woman from UK wants to spend £40,000 ($58,000) on plastic surgery so she can die looking like actress Demi Moore despite looking attractive.
Lisa Connell, 29, has an inoperable brain tumor and plans to use the money, her mom had saved for her wedding on this plastic surgery.
Connell told Mirror:
“I’ve always dreamed of looking like Demi Moore and I’m determined that when I die I will,”
She is an attractive woman herself but she still want to look as beautiful as Demi before she dies. But Demi Moore herself has spent more than £220,000 ($320,000) on plastic surgeries for her nose, breast implants, eye lift, liposuction, facelifts and a knee lift.
Connell doesn’t mind what others think of her and is determined to have surgery.
“People think I’m crazy for wanting to do this, but I know it will make my last months or years happier. I want to die beautiful. This is my way of getting the control back in my life.”
Lisa Connell was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor, meningioma when she was 27 years old. The tumor was discovered after she had a miscarriage in 2006 and suffered painful headaches and loss of sight in her left eye.
After the diagnosis she suffered depression and attempted suicide twice.
“It is like living with a ticking time bomb. No specialist can tell me how long I have to live. I was so desperate I even tried to overdose on sleeping tablets.”
She then decided to change her outlook by remaining positive and raised money for a charity on a sponsored run event. But her conditions worsened when the cancer grew in her brain and doctors told her that she has only a limited time to live.
Connell then finally decided to have plastic surgery to look like Demi Moore as her dying wish. She is not interested in marrying or doing something else.
She will be having liposuction, breast enhancement, eyebrow lift, skin modifications and teeth operations all of which will cost her £40,000 ($58,000).
Angela Connell, 48, her mother is advising her against it. She told Mirror:
“I really don’t want Lisa to put herself through this. She is a beautiful girl and she doesn’t need the surgery...It was really hard for me to accept when she said she wanted to do this but she is my daughter, I love her and I want to bring joy to her life for however long she may have left.”
Lisa Connell said that her body is deteriorating so she wants to have the surgeries as soon as possible. She told Mirror about why she chose Demi as her model figure:
“Demi is so attractive, beautiful and vibrant. I would love to look like her. I want to look beautiful when I die. Inside I’m melting away, but on the outside I want to be strong and stunning.”
Lisa also her own website where users bid for dates with celebrities. She has collected about £18,000 ($26,103) in total and some of it were money collected going dates with her.
She said in the end:
“I can’t go and treat people. I can’t make them better. But I can raise awareness and I can raise funds for research...If I can do that I’ll die a happy woman. Happy and beautiful.”
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