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article imageOp-Ed: Harper Interviewed On CNBC’s Kudlow

By James Raider     Feb 23, 2009 in Politics
Steven Harper was interviewed on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report today. While Harper’s mannerisms aren’t flamboyant, his confidence and ease of response to Kudlow’s questions on the economy should make all Canadians feel comfortable that he is the PM.
Harper provided a strong front to American viewers, even emphatically dealing with Alberta’s often derided tar sands and their significance to American energy requirements. He also provided Larry Kudlow’s audience with explanation of Canadian banking regulations and some indication of why the country’s banking system had not been subjected to the meltdown America was experiencing. Unlike Obama’s rather constant avoidance of specifics on most questions, Harper knew his facts and fielded the questions without evasion and with confidence sprinkled with enough specifics to make his points. He also handled the interview more effectively than most interviews Canadians have been subjected to North of the border with their Prime Minister.
Kudlow is not known for being a hard nosed or hard hitting journalist, nevertheless, Steven Harper’s first test in the United States since the arrival of the new administration provided Canada with a view of a Prime Minister who is well versed on the nature of his country’s economy. We should also note that Harper took a refreshingly positive stance to Canada’s prospects, compared to the amount of fear mongering being produced South of the border. This is a good sign for Canada as it heads into the next three or four years of slowing economic activity.
James Raider writes The Pacific Gate Post
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