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New video game lets you bail out companies or slap CEO

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 23, 2009 in Business
A video game company has created a "Trillion Dollar Bailout" game where players can either slap or reward the CEOs and then hand out bags of money to homeowners in need.
Web-based game company has created a game called “Trillion Dollar Bailout” in which each player is given $1 trillion "play dollars" to rescue the economy.
During the game, homeowners and corporate CEOs pop out and the player either has to give them money by clicking the money bag icon, or slap the CEOs for requesting the bailout of their company.
No real names of companies or CEOs are given in the game, but names do sound close familiar people; the game features companies such as “Slahman Brothers," “Mortan Stanley,” “Fart Motor Company,” “Crysalot Motors” and so on.
In the end, the game tells you whether or not you saved the economy, and it's all based on how many bags of money you gave out and to whom.
According to AFP the game’s creators urge the players to punish greedy fat cats and save honest people.
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