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article imageOctomom's Ex-Boyfriend Believes He's the Daddy

By Joan Firstenberg     Feb 23, 2009 in Health
It's the story that has no ending...and how could it, with 8 infants, and 6 others in early childhood. The saga of the Octomom could go on for years and probably will. Now, a young man has surfaced, saying he thinks he is the Octodaddy.
He says he just might be the Octodaddy. An ex-boyfriend of Nadya Suleman's who plans to release his name Monday on ABC's Good Morning America" says he's willing to submit to a paternity test to check if he is indeed the father of her latest 8 children. The man says he dated Suleman from 1997 through 1999 and that he donated many, many times to the sperm bank that she used. He says...
"I just really want to know if these are [or] these are not my kids."
He thinks he is pretty sure that his seed was used by Suleman to conceive the eight babies she delivered Jan. 23. But the wanna-be dad, in his 20s, says even if he isn't the father, he'd still like to help Suleman raise them, since he doesn't believe she can rear the children on her own.
"Either which way, you know, know that if she needs it I'll lend a helping hand."
And the question might be raised, why in a relationship would a man agree to donate his sperm to a bank? The man explains that Suleman told him she had cancer and was unable to conceive without the help of a doctor. He admits that he twice filled cups with his sperm while they were at home.
The 33-year old Suleman, who had six other children she also conceived through in-vitro fertilization, has so far refused to reveal who the father of all her children is. ABC News reports that court records reveal that she divorced her husband, Marcos Gutierrez in January of 2008. The divorce records say that the marriage produced no children, suggesting that Guttierrez isn't the dad.
It's tough to really understand what's going on with this mother and her children. Nadya last night told exclusively:
"That guy is definitely not the father of my kids. I know who the father is and I can tell you it is definitely not him."!
There are still other news reports on the Octomom which link her in an odd way to Dr. Kamrava. A TV piece ran on the local news while she was pregnant, in which Dr. Kamrava touted his IVF success with Suleman.
Now, its being reported, that the California medical board is taking a closer look into Kamrava's practice, questioning whether he disregarded professional standards and used Suleman to boost his stats and improve his standing in the medical field.
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