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article imageOp-Ed: Possible Joint Missile Defense System by US and Russia in Europe

By John Auriada     Feb 20, 2009 in Politics
U.S. will consider Russian missile defense concerns. There are also talks on a possible joint missile defense system. But how will the Obama administration handle this delicate situation?
The Bush administration has planned and signed a deal to put up missile defenses bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. The deal would allow the United States to install 10 ballistic missile interceptors in silos in Poland, and to build a radar station in the Czech Republic. The missile defenses will protect allied nations and the U.S. to a possible nuclear strike from Iran and other communist countries. Iran had already carried out tests of its Shahab-3 ballistic missile with a range up to 1,240 miles. The strategic missile defenses plan on the other hand was greatly criticized by Russia.
Moscow says that the missiles in Poland and the radar in the Czech Republic could threaten its own defences. The system might be small to start with, it says, but could expand. The radar could be used to spy on Russia. - BBC
While Russia condemned the plan, they also had suggested to use the Russian-rented radar site in Azerbaijan instead of setting up the defense bases. Based on reports, Russia is also selling sophisticated air defense system to Iran. Isn’t it that Russia is helping Iran setting up its nuclear reactors? The missile defense plan in Europe might be thwarted if the Obama administration strikes a deal with Russia to set up a joint defense instead.
"This administration does believe the time has come to reset the relationship with Russia and move forward," U.S. Secretary for Defense Robert Gates. Yeah to move forward on it's very own pitfall.
So is it a wise decision for the US to agree for a joint missile defense system?
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