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Digital Journalist to Cover Red Carpet Oscar Night in Georgia

By Carol Forsloff     Feb 20, 2009 in Entertainment
The red carpet seems to dominate the Oscars, as it does every year. So I wonder how I might feel that night in covering the event.
Joan Rivers usually stars in the red carpet part of Oscar. Kate Winslet, whose character in the film Titanic bravely faced drowning is just one star who has red carpet worries.
Rivers maintains that’s possible because the red carpet is indeed a major highlight of Oscar night with everyone watching as people stroll past lines of folks on their way into Kodak theatre.
So what does it take to get ready for the red carpet and the Oscars? A bundle of cash, it is said. Being beautiful like Catherine Zeta Jones, Katie Holmes or Nicole Kidman isn’t enough. The stars have to be mega-gorgeous. Those show toppers like Winslet are estimated to spend about $17,000 each before they even get dressed. This includes botox injections that keep folks from sweating onto an expensive designer gown, botox facial injections, lip injections, a hairstyle, and makeup for full personal service. If you’re a big star like Renee Zellweger, Julia Roberts or Cate Blanchett, you can get designer dress and shoes free from folks like Valentino, Chanel or Carolina Herrera who want their creations seen on all the right bodies on the A-list. Otherwise, the dress alone may cost nearly $30,000.
Jewels worn on Oscar night come with serious price tags and often are loans to the best. . Some of the glittered ones such as Sharon Stone, Kate Winslett, Sandra Bullock, Angelica Houston, Kim Basiner and Minnie Driver, are apt to shine as they sashay down the red carpet before they get to say something.
Now if you’re not invited in to watch the Oscars in Hollywood but still want a red carpet treatment somewhere, there are places for the ordinary person at just $2500 per plate. That’s at the Cobb County Performing Arts Center in Georgia. There you can realize your dreams of going to the Oscars, just like CFR Executive Director Jeri Barr says. Barr maintains that guests there will feel just like they would at the Kodak Theatre, with Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at their best.
So never mind the recession-depression depressions, I’m digging out my best party dress right now, my Goodwill special fur, yes sir, and getting my tickets for a short flight from Louisiana to Georgia for Oscar’s red carpet treatment of the South. If anyone wants to come with me and pay my way, I’ll get your name out there and mention you in my coverage of the event. Otherwise I’ll be in my armchair in my pajamas eating popcorn like nearly everyone else watching the Oscars that night.
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