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article imageOp-Ed: The 'Octomom' Story That Won't Go Away

By Sandy Sand     Feb 20, 2009 in Lifestyle
A plea for the public's help by the grandfather of octuplets born to his unwed daughter added to the saga of "Octomom", her eight babies and their financial plight when he explained it on Oprah.
The birth of octuplets to a woman in California quickly morphed from awe at the successful live birth of eight babies to recriminations of the single mom, the ethics of her fertility doctor, details surrounding her financial and mental health, death threats and now a plea from the SuperEight’s grandfather.
Portions of interview tapes released by The Oprah Winfrey Show, set to air on Tuesday, Feb. 24, the children’s grandfather, Ed Doud, pleaded for people not to punish his daughter or the children even if her behavior and that of fertility doctor, Michael Kamrava, were “absolutely irresponsible.”
"You know what? She needs help. I say to everybody now - people - we do need help," Doud told the audience. "Do not punish my daughter for what she had done and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God."
Nadya Suleman, 33, and her former publicist have received death threats, with the publicist withdrawing from representing her.
In spite of all the negative publicity, one group has come forward and offered aid to Suleman and her 14 children, all of whom were the result of in vitro fertalization by the same fertility doctor.
It was in the context of the offer of help from a California non-profit, that Doud also pleaded with the public for financial help his grandchildren.
Angels in Waiting has offered Suleman a place for her and her 14 kids to live and around-the-clock care for the eight infants, but all that costs money…a lot of money.
Linda West Conforti, founder of the non-profit, said it will take about $135,000 a month to provide living expenses and 12 caretakers who are necessary to tend to that many children around the clock, and while the group can pay the costs for a short time, most of the money will have to come from public donations.
I, for one will not contribute one dime, as much as I want to see these children get all the care they need; they did not ask to be born and are here through the foolishness of their mother and her doctor.
Heartless? No. You see I along with every other tax payer in the state are already bearing some of the costs to keep Suleman’s family healthy and in tact.
She receives food stamps and three of her first six children are physically disabled and receive state disability benefits, and we tax payers will be footing that bill until these children are 18, if not longer.
Californians already pay the highest state income taxes in the country, and when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs the state’s new budget today, we will be taxed further to the tune of more than a $1,250 per every man, woman and child in the state per year.
The man who, in essence is the father of these children, because he implanted all 14 embryos in Suleman, should be sued by the tax payers for child support.
His gross error in judgment and questionable medical ethics, which are under examination by the state’s medical board, make him a prime candidate to bear a large portion of the expenses these children will incur.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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