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Anti-jihadist Dutch politician shows film Fitna in Italy

By Adriana Stuijt     Feb 19, 2009 in Politics
Dutch anti-jihadist parliamentarian Geert Wilders - who was denied access to the UK recently because of his views - was greeted cordially by Italian authorities when he landed in Rome today. Wilders' spokesman said he's in Rome to show his film Fitna.
He has also been invited to Rome in Italy to receive the Oriana Fallaci Free Speech Award during a conference about the Islam and Freedom of Speech. see
The writer and journalist Fallaci, who passed away in 2006, was known, among other things, for her criticism of Islam. She considered Islamism to be a form of fascism. As is the case with Geert Wilders, Fallaci's Islamic opponents and their leftist enablers actively sought to have her prosecuted for her criticism of Islam.
A newly prepared Italian version of Fitna can be downloaded here:
Last week, the elected leader of the Netherlands' Party for Freedom was denied access to the United Kingdom, where he had been invited by two peers in the House of Lords to show his anti-jihadist film Fitna in a chamber of the House of Lords, with claims that his presence would create a security problem in the UK. see
The barring of Wilders from the UK created a storm of criticism against the British government from the UK news media, the public and many politicians. One expert on the relationships between Muslims and Christians wrote that Wilders was being targetted by a powerful international islamic cabal.
Wilders also said Wednesday that he was appealing against the UK government's decision to bar him from entering the country, saying that he had never incited anyone to any violence and also did not do so in the speech he had intended to read at the House of Lords: Read the speechsee
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