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Hang From Tree and Live Longer: New Fitness Plan

By M Dee Dubroff     Feb 18, 2009 in Health
Huang Fugui, 64, of Chengdu, China has devised a new way to stay fit; if one can live through the regimen, that is. He created his own gymnastic program using only a rope and a tree (and a few prayers).
According to news sources, Huang came up with his rigorous fitness plan after recovering from a serious illness two years ago. In his own words:
“I suffered a lot from illnesses and it was a heavy burden for my family, so I thought of exercising to improve my health.”
Huang is a creative soul, not to mention a daredevil. He began his regimen at 5am every day by exercising for two hours. At first, he did this at a nearby market and used their iron rings, but traders complained he was distracting customers. Soon, his own house became his gym (or at least a tree unlucky enough to be situated outside his house). He tied a strong rope around it and began climbing, swinging upside down and bouncing to and fro from the branches. Without meaning to, Huang stretched the modern definition of the word, “swinger” to dangerous proportions.
Huang believes his fitness plan will work for everybody and it is economical as all one needs is a rope and a tree.
He said:
“It can make elderly people have a brave heart and good health. I feel I can do something for elderly people nationwide.”
Well, maybe so, Huang, but no one is considering your contribution to be reducing the population of the elderly by killing them off as they fall to their deaths from the trees!
For a look at Huang at work, go to the link provided.
Happy tree, rope and …
Go figure!
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