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article imageOp-Ed: Why Are We So Enraged At The Octo-Mom?

By Joan Firstenberg     Feb 17, 2009 in Entertainment
Most people have a big reaction to the Octo-Mom. And it isn't one of kindness or astonishment. Generally, it's one of rage. How could she go ahead and have eight babies when she already had six at home that she wasn't even able to support?
Nadya Suleman, the mother of eight new in-vitro babies, also known as the Octomom, is obviously emotionally troubled. Not only has she been writing letters for a year to Angelina Jolie, she already has six kids and was receiving public assistance for them, and then let someone implant her with eight embryos. This is not the behavior of a rational person.
Multiple births in the past have been big news....considered a miracle, and fawned over by the press and the public. People offer to help out, Oprah comes through and more.
But the birth of Nadya Suleman's eight tiny babies is not elliciting that kind of reaction. In fact, public opinion has gone from "what the heck" to downright rage and anger. You might ask, why are people so turned off? Nobody is jumping on the Octomom bandwagon, organizing picnic lunches or bake sales, Huggies isn't arriving with tons of diapers. Most people are mad at Nadya, not the kids, since they never requested in on this situation.
The core problem with this case is that people are just very pissed off at how irresponsible everyone has been in this situation....Nadya, her doctors, her parents and anyone else you can think of who helped to facilitate this.
Also, this is coming at a time when people are losing their jobs and being forced to vacate their homes, so it makes us angry that others are making ridiculous decisions based on selfish reasoning, and then putting the whole thing on display for the world to wonder at.
Other Americans are busy putting off having children, or buying a new home, or going back to school, because the economy is tough and it's the realistic thing to do. Many are working extra hours, or taking jobs that don't pay them what they are worth. Most people try to do what's right in these frugal times. .
But the Octomom is not doing that. Instead, she is flaunting her irresponsible behavior, and focused on creating a three-ring circus around the event. It is possible she is so deeply emotionally disturbed that we can't even fault her for this. But we have others to be angry at as well.
First, we point to Nadya's doctors. Why did they agree to implant eight embryos in a woman who already has six children at home who she can't afford to keep. We have to ask Dr. Michael Kamrava--"What were you thinking?" Seems like he might have been doing something just for the sake of doing it. After all, he's the doctor who gave Nadya her first six kids.
Then, there are the bottom feeders...people who think they can make money from her story...TV, newspapers, books, movies, the web. They're telling Suleman that they can give her millions by exploiting her children. But the anger from the general population has been so strong that the Killeen Furtney Group, retained to make money on this mess, received so many death threats, they dropped Suleman as a client
There is word that The Learning Channel is interested in a reality show starring Nadya Suleman. But any network that glorifies this woman by giving her a show should probably expect major protests.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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