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article imageEast Meets West Meets South Meets Sushi in Louisiana Loveboat

By Carol Forsloff     Feb 15, 2009 in Lifestyle
Once in awhile folks need to do something that is beyond the ordinary, especially on Valentine's Day. Indulge in sin; why not? The Japanese have spread the glad tidings, and now everyone is climbing aboard.
It takes a little time to get used to the unique menu items that would cause shudders from many Americans and others without experience in Asian diet and whose palates haven't been psychologically, culturally and taste-wise prepared. But sushi in a loveboat is about the best way to remember I love you and get tummy and heart running wild together in a rush of epicurean sin.
Alexandria, less than an hour's drive from Natchitoches, Louisiana, in the southern direction towards New Orleans just a bit more than a three hour's drive from the Big Easy, is no longer a sleepy village of Southern drawls and tastes. My, no. It has diversity and some uptown appeal with sprawling malls and fine restaurants on nearly every corner in the area just off the highway entering town.
Any day is sushi day for sushi connoisseurs. Put it together in an attractive presentation, add a fine-looking and friendly person to serve it, combine it with an owner who remembers frequent visitors; and you get a fine treat for Valentine's Day or any holiday or any day at all.
Is this an ad? By no means no, it's an advocacy. It is a welcome to town, fine friend of diversity, as this restaurant is a fairly new kid on the block who needs all the friends it can get. Hard times have come, but if sushi fails, what must be next. Depression blues can be lifted with a lunch on weekdays under $10, so there is something for everyone at Hana's. Sushi is more than food; it's culture, it's submersion in a kind of ecstasy that allows the mouth to virtually explode in anticipation of wonderful.
How about the Loveboat, the cruise for the palette, the honeymoon for taste, the seduction for gluttony, the Mardi Gras of color on the plate? That's what this Valentine's Day couple had on a 25th wedding anniversary when stealing away from the town of Natchitoches for a private love-in in a neighboring town.
Hurray, we said, for sushi, for the sin of more, and the joy of love in a kickoff to the next 25.
The author and her husband lived 28 years before retiring to Louisiana three years ago. They brought their taste for sushi with them.
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