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Massive Sausage Fest Cooked Up In Croatia

By Can Tran     Feb 14, 2009 in Food
Germany might have to look out because its Oktoberfest may have some steep competition from Croatia in regards to sausage. Croatia may have a true sausage festival.
One of the celebrations that Germany is most known for is “Oktoberfest.” The festival is known for its large amounts of beer served in the various tents. However, it is also known for its “wurst.” This is the main ingredient to German sausages. Asides from beer, Germany’s Oktoberfest is known for its sausages. Not only is it a beer festival, it is also a sausage festival.
However, it may come into some steep competition from Croatia. So far, Croatians claim to have cooked up the world’s largest sausage. They say that the sausage cooked is 1,738 feet long.
It is revealed that it could feed up to three-thousand people. For a single person, this sausage could last for up to a year. If you love sausage, you may be able to appreciate something that spans over 1,500 feet.
So far, it seems that Croatia could bump off Romania for world’s largest sausage. Romania’s sausage was measured at 392 meters. That equates to about 1,286 feet of sausage.
In that respect, Croatia’s largest sausage beats Romania’s largest sausage by 452 feet. That is considered a very sizable difference. However, Croatia is not really satisfied. Next year, they want to one-up what they made just recently. Croatians hope their next largest sausage could measure up to 1,000 meters. That equates to about 3,281 feet. The estimate is rounded up from the metric conversion of 3,280.84.
Possibly the true sausage fest will be in Croatia? For those that love sausage, this is something that should be appreciated.
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