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article imageOp-Ed: UK are 'spineless pussies' says video-blogger Pat Condell

By Adriana Stuijt     Feb 14, 2009 in Politics
Famous UK video blogger Pat Condell said in his latest blog-blast that millions of people who didn't know the film Fitna existed, have now sought out the video on the internet "after the gross stupidity of the UK cabinet, who are spineless pussies"...
And religious censorship is thus invading the free world 'like an incoming tide' he also noted in his blast against the banning of the libertarian MP Geert Wilders of the Netherlands from the United KIngdom.
He said the UK cabinet "caved in like a bunch of spineless pussies to the hysterial demands of an unelected peer, Lord Nazir Achmed," to ban a democratically-elected Dutch MP and the leader of a political party from the UK, to stop him from showing his anti-jihadist movie Fitna. see his video blog above.
Without free speech, we are nothing...
"Religious censorship is moving towards us here in the free world like an incoming tide,' he warned.
"Maybe I am naive but I am astonished that in 21st century Europe we now have to protect ourselves from such religious fascists.This cuts right into the very foundation of our society. Free speech has made us what we are and without it we are nothing...'
"If these people who demanded the banning of Wilders are afraid of this film Fitna, they are also afraid of their own religion. Ask yourself, how much more does your freedom need to be whittled away?"
He urges his viewers to watch the movie Fitna for themselves and decide, after carefully viewing each frame, whether everything which was said in it 'was not absolutely accurate.'
see Fitna here
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