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WWF: It Takes 53 Gallons of Water to Make One Latte

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 13, 2009 in Environment
The latte drink has water, milk and sugar but it also takes about 53 gallons of water to make one drink of latte, according to the World Wildlife Foundation.
The latte drink seems harmless from the outside but Planet Green has found out that it takes 53 gallons of water to make one cup of latte drink.
The latte has a little milk and some water mixed. Then more water is added and sugar to finish the drink. A plastic lid is then used to cover the drink. The plastic has to be transported over hundreds of miles and then it requires an excess amount of water and oil to produce it. Then the paper cup goes through the same process, requiring water and transportation.
When we add all those ingredients, the amount of water needed is 200 liters or 52.83 gallons for every latte drink. Watch the World Wildlife Fund video posted in the article, which explains briefly how they calculated this figure.
When we add all the lattes we drink every day, the figure adds up even more and strains the water supplies in the Earth.
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