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Butt-Building Silicon Injections Critically Injure Two Women

By Joan Firstenberg     Feb 13, 2009 in Health
They wanted to look better. So they went to a woman who had no medical degree and allowed her to give them injection after injection of a homemade silicon solution. Both women are now extremely ill in the hospital with complications.
Two Tampa, Florida women are in the hospital now suffering serious health consequences after they allowed a woman to inject their buttocks with a homemade silicon solution to enhance their appearance.
Police have arrested 32-year old Sharhonda Lindsay on two counts of practicing medicine without a license. That's a third degree felony that could impose a five-year jail term on her. Police say the former clothing shop owner brewed up a mixture of commercial-grade silicone gel and saline in her kitchen before injecting it into one women 40 times, and the other women 20 times. She was paid $500 for the 40 injections, and $250 for the 20.
But hours after the injections, one of the women got very sick and had to be hospitalized the following morning. She suffered damage to her kidneys that was so severe she is still requiring dialysis and her mother says it isn't known yet if the dialysis will have to be a permanent situation.
The other women is also in the hospital, with undisclosed injuries.
Doctors say it's possible that the untrained Lindsay injected the mixture into a blood vessel by mistake, thereby causing the organ damage both women experienced. They also say the frequency of turning to unlicensed people for cosmetic enhancements such as this is not as rare as might be expected. And they fear the nation’s economic crisis may persuade more women to turn to substandard cosmetic enhancements instead of to the qualified doctors licensed to provide these treatments safely and professionally.
Dr. Julius Few, a clinical associate of the University of Chicago's Pritzker School of Medicine and also the director of the Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says people are using industrial-grade silicone, paraffin wax, and vegetable and baby oils, and following Internet instructions on self-injection at an alarming rate. He says the trend is growing so rapidly that he and some of his colleagues founded the Coalition for Injectable Safety to increase public awareness and educate potential victims against the risks associated with the practice.
All cosmetic treatments, including silicone injections into any part of the body, are surgical procedures that must be done by licensed practitioners only, be they a dermatologist, plastic or cosmetic surgeon, or any other qualified individual licensed by the state of operation. A safe, sterile setting is required.
The mother of one of the sick Tamp women says, the quest for inexpensive, artificial curves is...
“committing suicide or“playing Russian roulette with your life.”
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