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Dutch MP Wilders back home after refused entry to UK

By Richard van der Draay     Feb 12, 2009 in Politics
Leader of the Dutch PVV political party Geert Wilders has returned to the Netherlands after having been refused entry to the United Kingdom.
He has now left Amsterdam Airport. The parliamentarian left the airport almost immediately after his plane landed.
There were numerous journalists waiting for him in the Arrivals hall. They did not get to interview Wilders who left Schiphol Airport via an alternative route.
Wilders’ anti-Koran film Fitna was shown in the British House of Lords on Thursday evening to an audience of about thirty people, five of whom were Lords. The House of Lords has more than seven hundred members.
Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen stated that he was ‘deeply disappointed’ by the British Government’s decision to refuse the PVV-leader entry to the country.
He made the comment on Thursday night after returning from Georgia. The Minister cannot understand the British decision.
Verhagen also said that efforts had been made to try to get Wilders into the United Kingdom. He is convinced that making even more noise would not have helped the matter.
The Minister said that he would be willing to offer help to Wilders if he should decide to appeal the refusal of entry to the UK. According to Verhagen an appeal like that would make it clear that the refusal was unjustified.
Wilders himself spoke to BBC reporters after having been detained before he could enter the UK and said it was ‘ a sad day for British democracy and free speech in Europe’. He also said that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was the ‘biggest coward in Europe today.’
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