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Islamic youths wage turf wars in Dutch towns

By Adriana Stuijt     Feb 12, 2009 in Politics
Rampaging Moroccan youths fighting a turf war with police in the Dutch town of Gorinchem near Rotterdam attacked a policeman. torched rubbish bins, stoned passersby, and interfered with police trying to arrest troublemakers.
One youth struck a policeman after refusing to show him his passport and police who tried to make an arrest were also thrown with stones and a bicycle. They had to call in reinforcements. It was just business as usual in the streets of Haarwijk.
A similar turf war is also being fought out in the nearby town of Gouda, where bus-drivers refused to travel through one specific islamic suburb because they were being assaulted and threatened by Moroccan youth gangs. see
For several years now, police in the Gorinchem suburb of Haarwijk 'have had problems' with Moroccan youth gangs who are gradually taking over control of the suburb: terrorising the streets, blocking entrances of shops to stop Dutch-born citizens from entering - and torching the local Protestant school and a Dutch-owned supermarket. This process of islamisation really took off from November last month, when the Moroccan community opened its first mosque, the Annasr.
Only a month later, on New Year's eve, a large group of islamic youths gathered on Queen Wilhelmina avenue, torched the local Christian school and a supermarket and completely terrifying the close-knit community of Dutch residents who still stick it out there. It was described as 'warfare' by residents, who feared leaving their homes that night.
Only last month, Gorinchem mayor Piet IJssels still went to the new mosque to address the Moroccan community about its responsibility in undertaking something against the turf-war incidents in Haarwijk - to get their children under control. See
Clearly, the mayor's friendly chat has had no effect: even after the police asked for their cooperation in arresting five clearly identifiable youths who were video-taped on close-circuit TV toching the school and the supermarket on New Year's Eve. These youths had even hijacked one one the fire-engines and thrown stones at firemen who were trying to put out the fires, they said. see
On Tuesday, police reinforcements had to be called in to arrest the youth who had struck the police officer in the face. see
Residents terrified
A police spokeswoman said they were taking this attack on their colleagues 'very seriously' and hoped that onlookers could help them to find the culprits.
"We know that many residents are terrified of speaking up, fearing reprisals, however anonymous tips will also be very welcome,' she added.
The Gorinchem fire department has since then refused to respond to any alarms in this suburb unless they have armed police protection.
A while back, Haarwijk youth worker Anouar El Meknouzi had already given up his own efforts to get the purportedly 'bored' youngsters to toe the line. He has since quit his paying job as formal 'neighbourhood coach' in disgust.
Mayor IJssels had tried his best here too to get the Moroccan community to integrate into the Dutch way of life: municipal funds were even provided to get the youth project off the ground in 2000.
Freedom Party MP Geert Wilders has also raised the islamic-turf war in Gorinchem in parliament several times - calling for the government to take away the Dutch citizenship of errant parents and their children and ship them back to Morocco.
He has also called on the Dutch government to have the Dutch military protect the police while patrolling the volatile suburb, where Dutch citizens are even assaulted when they try to enter shops by youths hanging around in the entrances in a campaign which is turning into a turf war between indigenous Dutch citizens and first-generation islamic families.
Similar problems also exist in the town of Gouda, where bus-drivers refuse to travel through one specific islamic suburb because they were being assaulted and threatened. see
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