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Update: Medium-speed Pursuit of Bentley Ends in Driver's Suicide

By Sandy Sand     Feb 11, 2009 in Crime
A three-hour medium-speed police pursuit of a $100,000 Bentley followed by a 90-minute standoff with police ended when the driver, Mustafa “Moe” Mustafa, shot and killed himself.
The pursuit ended where it began in a North Hollywood neighborhood north of Los Angeles, where friends and neighbors set up a makeshift pillar candle and red rose memorial to the 27-year-old man.
Not unusual for L.A. and Hollywood, paparazzi thronged to the site when they heard “police in pursuit of Bentley” over their police scanners thinking that anyone driving such an expensive luxury car must be a celebrity.
Mustafa, a former Bentley dealer, whose last known address was in Chicago, IL, had either moved here or was visiting his unnamed girlfriend who lives in North Hollywood.
According to police he was planning to go back to the Windy City, until things went terrible wrong for him.
The incident began with police being called when Mustafa got into a fight with his girlfriend and was alleged to have assaulted her. He was reported to be despondent over financial problems, but didn’t appear to have previous mental problems, police said.
Joining the paparazzi were residents who said they were lured out of their homes by the non-stop television coverage and the sound of helicopters circling overhead.
"Fortunately, he didn't harm anyone else," said Deputy LAPD Chief Michel Moore. "However, for whatever reason, he chose to take his own life. This is a very disturbing incident. It's not what we hoped for or desired to achieve."
The Bentley, described as a high-end model that can sell for as much as $300,000 by a Bentley dealership employee, said that about 80 of the cars are sold here each year.
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