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article imageOp-Ed: Let's Get Real, Taxpayers Will Support The Suleman Family

By KJ Mullins     Feb 9, 2009 in Lifestyle
She just had eight babies after fertility treatments. She has six children at home. She is unemployed and receives food stamps. Three of her six children have disability payments coming in.
Still Nadya Suleman told Ann Curry on Monday that she does not receive welfare.
With the eight children in the hospital likely having lasting disabilities it is likely her payments will go up in the coming months. She already gets $490 a month in food stamps and an undisclosed about in payments for her disabled children. The LA Times quotes her publicist Michael Furtney :
“In Nadya’s view, the money that she gets from the food stamp program ... and the resources disabilities payments she gets for her three children are not welfare," he said. "They are part of programs designed to help people with need, and she does not see that as welfare."
Perhaps making more babies than you can afford is profitable? Of course it's not. Her mother pays the rent and has already lost one home.
Suleman told Curry that she plans to support her brood of fourteen once she gets her master's degree in counseling.
We all know the high rates social workers and the like bring in. Somehow I find it hard to believe that her paycheque will cover the cost of diapers, food, formula and a roof over the families head. It's hard enough for a good wage covering those costs for a small sized family at times.
Now throw in day care for 14 kids. That would come to about an average of $14,000 a month for childcare. That's $168,000 a year just to have someone watch the tykes to go to work. I know that's high end but you have to factor in the extra needs for children with health risks that these children are very likely to have.
Somehow it doesn't seem likely Suleman will command that kind of a salary as a counselor. So what are her choices?
Those choices are having taxpayers foot the bill so she can be a 'super-mother.' Many families would love to be at home parents but they have to work, in part to pay taxes.
I wonder if Suleman will in years to come write a big thank you to all those working families for supporting her children?
Perhaps the clinic that implanted the embryos should be liable for the cost of this family. If these clinics would be held liable for the future security of bills being met it is less likely they would risk the taxpayers dollar.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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