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article imageHave Your Kids Had Their Mud Pie Today?

By KJ Mullins     Feb 9, 2009 in Health
Today's child in most developed countries are eating more healthy food. Moms and dads provide a nice range of veggies and fruits and keep their tykes clean. Maybe there's a bit of over kill though according to scientists. Kids no longer taste the dirt.
Children need to eat a little soil every now and then in order to boost their immune systems. It is being thought that some allergies, immune system disorders and asthma may be increasing with cleaner kids. Those conditions have increased by the tens of thousands with North American kids.
It's now thought that this could be due to excessive hygiene. It's not a new idea, back in 1989 British epidemiologist David P. Strachan dubbed the idea as "the hygiene hypothesis."
Immunology expert Mary Ruebush explores the hypothesis in her book Why Dirt Is Good. She contends that a baby's immune system is like a computer that has yet to be programmed. It needs to have viruses and bacteria entered in to learn what to fight and what to ignore.
Now being cleaner isn't a totally bad idea. Considering 80 per cent of diseases in the world come from water contamination being clean is being healthy.
In the future researchers may come up with a vaccine that kick starts a youngsters immune system. Until that time it may make sense to let Junior play in the dirt more. maybe mom and dad can just use old fashion soap and water to clean their kids up instead of spending more for those antibacterial soaps.
In other words, let the kids be kids. Mud pies may be more than just fun times, they may help keep the doctor away.
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