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article imageChristian Bale's abusive rant captured on tape

By Nikki Weingartner     Feb 8, 2009 in Entertainment
In a story that left many abuse victims baffled, the verbal abuse charges against actor, Christian Bale were dropped following a change of heart and lack of real evidence. Recently, a leaked tape of one of Bale's tirades hit the Internet. Abusive?
Christian Bale, or more commonly known as the actor who played Batman in The Dark Knight is no stranger to accusations of abuse. Over the summer while in a London hotel room, Bale apparently lost it with his own mom during a row involving his wife, enough that someone dialed the police. Verbal assault charges were reportedly filed on the intense actor, but later dropped as reported in the NY Post. There was insufficient evidence to provide a "realistic prospect of conviction," partially based on a change of heart by his mom and wife's statement. Bale's family called it a "personal matter." Bale, his wife and his mother were in London for the premier of The Dark Knight.
Although Bale is seen as having a temper and being an intense actor, there seems to be a pattern forming.
Just this past week, allegations of abuse surfaced only this time, they are caught on tape, with the actor ranting and screaming at Shane Hurlbut, a cinematographer and anyone who attempted to intervene during the taping of the fourth movie in the Terminator series.
Hurlbut's offending action that sent Bale into a series of slanderous statements? Walking behind a co-star:
"If you do it one more time I ain't walking on this set if you're still hired!"
"Do you want me to go and trash your lights? Do you want me to go and trash them? ... Then why are you trashing my scene?" "I want you off the F*&%ng set"
Even when a very sincere apology is given, Bale continues with abusive language as can be heard here in the clip. Bale degrades Hurlbut's professional credentials and abuses him for nearly four minutes. Even when someone calls for a break to cool off, Bale jumps back into the tirade and screams at the top of his lungs "lets not take a F&*^ng [break], lets go again!" At one point, Bale even sounds as though he attempts to physically assault the guy when Hurlbuts tries to defend himself in a very calm fashion.
As abusive situations often reveal, the alleged perpetrator justifies their abuse by blaming others around them and degrading the victim of the abuse even further. Many use dominance, humiliation, intimidation and even blaming in their abusive patterns in relationships. They will later apologize for their show of abuse by making excuses for their actions.
In a news report, it was said that Bale offered up reasons for his behaviour during a radio show in Los Angeles, saying he was "channeling" his Terminator character, John Conner. Bale also stated that he and Hurlbut "reconciled" and continued to work for a month following his abusive outburst. He even likened his behaviour to a "bad day."
The actual audio clip was recorded back in July, 2008 on set at Kirkland AFB, New Mexico. This was just days before he was accused of verbally assaulting his own mother. The tape was leaked on the Internet this month and has become the butt of many a remix comedy sounds and late night TV jokes.
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