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article imageAlien life on thousands of planets

By Richard van der Draay     Feb 5, 2009 in Science
A group of Irish scientists have calculated that intelligent creatures could be living on 37,964 planets in the Milky Way.
This was reported in the several British media sources. The BBC announced that the report has been published in the International Journal of Astrobiology.
The Irish astrobiologist Duncan Jorgan from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh has devised a computer programme that has analysed data from three hundred and thirty plants to determine their suitability for intelligent life.
The programme also takes into account factors such as temperature and the availability of water and minerals.
Forgan asserts that his findings relate to species that are developed to the level of human beings and not just miniscule life, such as amoebas.
The Irishman believes that it will take at least another three centuries before humankind will make contact with aliens.
Many of the planets studied by scientists are much older than Earth and subsequently Forgan says that their civilisations are even more advanced.
American scientists found last year that life is possible on hundreds of planets.
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