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Woman sues McDonald's after drinking sanitizer

By David Silverberg     Feb 5, 2009 in Food
A Baltimore woman is filing a lawsuit against McDonald's for mistakenly giving her a cup full of a chemical cleaner instead of iced tea. She is seeking $100,000 on counts of negligence and breach of warranty.
What would you do if you drank sanitizer instead of iced tea? That's what happened to a woman living in Northwest Baltimore who ventured to a McDonald's drive-thru last September. She ordered an iced tea but was instead given another "T" -- Triazinetrione, a sanitizer commonly used in McDonald's restaurants. It's a cleaning chemical used on kitchen equipment and surfaces.
Caryl Jones took a sip and instantly spit out the liquid. She drove herself to an emergency unit and doctors diagnosed her with chemical pharyngitis and tonsillitis. She recovered in mid-November.
The chemical is known as a skin irritant and swallowing it could result in mucosal damage. Supposedly, Jones didn't swallow the chemical.
She is filing a lawsuit against McDonald's, looking for $100,000 on counts of negligence and breach of warranty.
The store's franchise owner declined to comment on the lawsuit.
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