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Ashes should Travel as Luggage, says Emirates

By Bodhisattva Banerji     Feb 5, 2009 in World
Emirates Airlines has reportedly insisted that the ashes of a man should go as luggage. Ms. Nashater Hayer, the passenger, an Indian Sikh, is reportedly distraught over the entire incident.
Where to carry the ashes of a human being while you are traveling in a flight? This question still continues to haunt the Hayer family, a resident of Brisbane in Australia.
According to detailed reports, the family is in complete shock after Emirates Airlines insisted that Mrs. Nashater Hayer should carry the ashes of her husband as luggage while traveling. The practice goes against the tradition of the Sikh religion to which the Hayer family belonged. As the detailed report suggests that Mrs. Nashater Hayer alongside her daughter Debbie were scheduled flying to the Indian province of Punjab with the ashes of Mr. Kewal Singh Hayer, the husband of Mrs. Nashater Hayer. The intention of the family had been reportedly to, throw and spread the ashes into the Kiratpur River, situated in the Punjab, India.
The experience of insisting on the part of the airlines to carry the ashes as a luggage has reportedly made the family a distraught one. While contacted by the media, Ms. Debbie Hayer said that her mother didn't speak much English and was upset after finding out that the airline expected her carrying the remains of her husband in the cargo hold. Ms. Hayer stated further, as the reports suggest, that she had been on the phone to Emirates since last two days on a non-stop basis and continued awaiting them for getting back.
While communicating her experience on dealing with the airlines on the matter, she reportedly stated that she was just disgusted with the way the airlines behaved. According to the Sikh tradition, detailed report says, ashes of a deceased person must be transported with due respect before distributing in flowing water.
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