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article imageJudd and Palin Go Head to Head About Wolves

By Carol Forsloff     Feb 4, 2009 in Environment
Actress Ashley Judd is speaking on behalf of folks concerned about aerial killing of wolves. Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and former Vice Presidential candidate, is in favor of it. In fact she promoted it and was shown involved in it herself.
The controversy about Palin and her beliefs, that some find the antithesis of environmental concerns, continues past the election campaign. It also shows us that Palin may continue to be a lightning rod for discussion about many things.
Most people don’t feel a sense of wonder and joy when they think about wolves. Actually most people get scared, but these days the wolves are. That's because in Alaska they can be killed from airplanes, and folks are encouraged to do it like sport.
Palin put a bounty on the heads of wolves, to encourage average citizens to load up their guns and go kill them, from the air, from everywhere. That bounty was eventually stopped through legal action. Palin, however, wanted the practice to continue despite the ethical issues involved. All over the Internet there are pictures of Palin smiling over wolf carcasses.. Palin claims that humans killing wolves helps thin out the populations of predators that kill moose and elk which subsistence farmers in Alaska need to survive.
In defense of those wolves, there’s not much scientific support for Palin’s position. In fact in 2007, 172 scientists wrote to Palin with their concerns about the lack of real science supporting killing the population of wolves. They are concerned about the balance of nature related to global warming taking place in the wilds of Alaska. That didn’t influence Palin to change. The shooting continues, but it is being questioned seriously in new advertisements starring Ashley Judd.
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has a new Internet campaign to take a hard look at Palin's environmental record. It has a video on its new website entitled In it Judd criticizes Palin for promoting aerial killing of solves. The video is vivid in its detail, accusing Palin of recommending bounties for severed forelegs of wolves. The fact that it is one beautiful woman attacking another is getting lots of attention these days.
The Judd - Palin issue is now all over the Internet. It brings back memories of Sarah Palin and the Thanksgiving turkeys with the video of Palin smiling and laughing while turkeys scream in the background. The implications of all this is that killing animal life in cruel ways doesn't mean much to Palin, according to her accusers.
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