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article imageNorth Korea Wants Obama's Attention, Japan in the Middle

By Can Tran     Feb 4, 2009 in World
As Barack Obama is the new United States President, he is plagued with numerous domestic and international problems. North Korea looks to be anxious in becoming one of those major international problems.
As the new United States President, Barack Obama is faced with a number of both domestic and international problems. International problems include: Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, the Gaza Crisis, Zimbabwe, and Sudan. However, we had not heard much about Asia. So far, it looks like that North Korea is looking to grab Obama’s attention.
According to the South Korean military, North Korea had moved a long-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. On top of that, the North Korean government announced an end to all agreements made with the South Korean government. It is clear that North Korea wants to send a message to the people of North and South Korea. However, North Korea possibly wants to send a message to the new Obama administration. Perhaps North Korea is trying to test Obama?
So far, the Obama administration has already taken action. Before that, an article by Reuters said that North Korea might prepare for a missile test. The missile is called the “Taepodong-2.” However, this missile was never flown successfully. If it was successful, the missile is capable of hitting Alaska. That is something that could get the attention and should bring forth concern of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
The South Korean newspaper called the Chosen Ilbo gave its input. “The test site on the east coast means the missile will likely be fired over Japan and in the direction of the United States,” the newspaper had explained.
General Walter Sharp, who commands the US Forces stationed in South Korea urged North Korea to knock it off. However, Kim Hak-Song, a lawmaker says that a launch could come soon.
Kim believes that North Korea wants Obama’s attention. This is the possible foreshadowing of North Korea being one of the major international problems that Obama will have to tackle. On top of that, it will create a new problem in Asia in which Obama will have to deal with.
So far, the United States has already taken action. Three North Korean companies were hit by sanctions by the US Government on being suspected of being part of the possible missile launch.
To sum up everything, it definitely seems North Korea wants Obama’s attention. Asides from the possible threat of a missile launch, North Korea added another thing. It blames the United States for the various international problems.
This is in respect to the Gaza Conflict. So far, North Korea had said that the United States is the perpetrator for wrecking peace around the globe.
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