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In India, Cancer is set to be the Greatest killer

By Bodhisattva Banerji     Feb 4, 2009 in Health
Indians are getting ready to face the wrath of cancer as the disease, according to some surveys, remains all set to be the greatest killer in immediate future. Survey pointed out that cancer of colon, breasts and oesophagus are on the rise in he country.
Some call it Big C, and some likes to address it in the known name of Cancer. Whatever be the name in which one calls it, the disease is all set to affect the Indians, in a major way in recent future. A survey and subsequent update by the Indian Council for Medical Research showed that the country is all set to face a turbulent time in the recent future as the number of patient of colon, breasts and oesophagus cancers continued rising.
The grim truth came out while ICMR reportedly quoted its registry while discussing the matter. The data contained in the registry showed that the breast cancer, for the very first time, possessed higher level of danger than cervical cancer amongst Mumbai's women. While talking about the men, the data showed that the cancer of the oral cavity and the gastro-oesophageal channel remained on the rise. As some of the leading heal specialists of the country pointed out that in a really worrying feature, a study by World Health Organisation recently pointed out that the cancer was poised to outpace the heart ailments as the biggest killer in the span of coming two years, in the country.
The reports while quoting the survey of WHO pointed out that the cancer diagnoses was steadily rising and would soon touch a worrying figure of 12 million mark. The reports, while quoting the survey, further states that by 2030, one new form of cancer will make the appearance. The disease, as the reports say, could affect no less than 27 million people in the country. Dr Rajan Badwe, the director of Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, while talking to the journalists stated that the age was proving to be a major risk factor now-a-days. With life expectancy being higher by five to seven years, Dr Badwe reportedly added further, the risk of both cancer and heart diseases had gone up significantly.
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