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article imageBeer to Fuel Cars of the Future

By Carol Forsloff     Feb 3, 2009 in Technology
When most of us think of a cold one, we think of a warm day with beer on tap. What if we could have our beer and drive it too?
Some clever folks have figured out how to do that. It's likely to be applauded by the people in the stadiums who can drink and drive from the same great brew.
Beer brew as fuel is the invention of the group that made the EFuel100 MicroFueler home ethanol maker. It has now made an agreement with a beer brewer called Sierra Nevada Brewing to begin the process of making ethanol from the dregs of beer. E-Fuel will be using the cooperation of the beer company and a refrigerator-sized portable refineries in order to make the brew as fuel.
Last year E-Fuel last year revealed its $9,995 home ethanol machine. The machine allows the fermentation from water and sugar into ethanol. The purchaser can acquire the machine to make fuel. Ethanol is then mixed with gasoline at 10%. Cars that are flex-fuel can run on what is called E5 which allows for an 85 percent blend of gasoline and ethanol.
Sierra Nevada is no small pretender in the making of beer. Every year it puts out 1.6 million gallons of "bottom of the barrel" beer yeast waste. Previously this was sold to farmers as feed. Now it can go towards the making of fuel. The company intends to use it for its own vehicles and then supply employees before moving forward to distribute it through E-Fuel's network of distributors. Ken Gross, president and founder of Sierra Nevada, maintains that the MicroFueler will help the environment by allowing people to make their own fuel and by reducing waste.
So as Barack Obama proclaims the need for alternative energy sources, one wonders if he could have imagined beer as fuel.
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