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Dutch Student With Smelly Feet Wins Right To Study

By M Dee Dubroff     Feb 3, 2009 in World
In keeping with the tradition of the right to smell and study in a free society, a philosophy student with smelly feet has won the right to attend lectures at a Dutch university. Read on and…hold your nose!
According to news sources, it took ten years for Teunis Tenbrook, a philosophy student at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Holland, to complete his studies after complaints from professors and other students that it was impossible to concentrate with the smell emanating from his feet. A court has now ruled that having smelly feet is no excuse to ban a student from a university.
In the words of the judge:
“Our considered opinion is that the professors and other students will just have to hold their noses and bear it.”
Tenbrook told the court:
“Although I could no longer attend lectures, I tried to carry on by studying in the library, but then I was banned from there as well.”
The university has announced that instead of banning students with smelly feet, they are planning to issue fines to address such problems. Is Erasmus University a democratic institute of higher learning?
What would Emma Lazarus have written to accommodate immigrants with this problem?
‘Give me your tired, your poor, your smelly feet yearning to breathe free?’
Something to think about while holding your nose?
Go figure.
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