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Were the Super Bowl commercials a bit flat this year?

By Nikki Weingartner     Feb 2, 2009 in Entertainment
Where were the fantastic commercials that adorn the most famous American football game of the year? At a $3 US Million price tag for a 30-second slot, it seems as though all the money went to buying the time slot and not into the actual advertisement.
Its no secret, American men and some women love the "Bowl" and the commercials, well they are like an added benefit. In fact, some people enjoy the commercials and leave the room while the grunt-filled plays are being ran.
This year, advertisers faced a bit of a challenge trying to keep those commercial watchers entertained while staying within budget. Although the outcome wasn't a total loss, the overall feel of the anticipated ads was summed up by one word:
In years past, the popular 30-second spots were selling for around $2.5 US Million and this year, it was right at $3 US Million for the same time. That's quite a price hike from the $42,000 US back in 1967. The higher price tag and diminished quality seems to be the status quo these days on just about every product and service up for grabs.
Still, some of the commercials were rather humorous, like Chester Cheetah and the pretentious coffee bistro guest. Others were cute like the Coke commercial featuring some pretty innovative insects. But none left viewers grabbing those ribs in a fit of laughter. They just didn't have the same flair like this 1997 Holiday Inn Super Bowl add or the 2000 E Trade Monkey Super Bowl add.
And who can forget the best beer commercial in the history of Super Bowl games. So with Chester Cheetah and a few lady bugs replacing the clown, it seem to be an overall "disappointing" year for those long awaited blurbs. However, as it was told by a writer at the Washington Post, if the commercials themselves were:
shown to an impartial audience of creatures from outer space, it's unlikely the game would be labeled the First Super Bowl of the New Recession
See the New York Times link for an interactive tool of 25 years of Super Bowl commercials.
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